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hey hey,

if y'all are still running into this, can you hit up Halo Support please? they've got some noise on this are they're trying to identify a root cause and having more data points can only help.


Originally posted by Logondo

Why did they make a playlist for the new 4v4 maps but not for the new BTB map?

It sucks when you just want to try out the new map and keep getting the old ones over-and-over.

Same with the community playlist. Are we ever going to get a BTB community playlist?

BTB seriously needs more love. After a year or so and there's only 5 BTB maps.

New BTB Unlimited is currently slated for next week! All Oasis all the time!


this is incredible. bravo!


Confirming we're aware!

If you notice your nameplate/emblem has been impacted, please let the Halo Support team know at aka.ms/HaloSupport. We're building a list of all of these emblems and would love to address as many of these as possible. Thank you!


these are beautiful


Originally posted by Haijakk

I am loving Extraction

Extraction? 👀

I got nothin. I keep calling it the wrong thing and I don't know why. Blaming old age.


Originally posted by eightoheight

Can you give an update on what's happening with the FPS issues and stuttering on Xbox? It's in the known issues section of the patch notes with no information about a resolution and is having a huge impact on the feel of the game.

Definitely a high priority and my understanding is that a resolution is in progress. I don't have an ETA at the moment but this and a few other issues are actively being worked on and targeted for release as soon as possible.


Finished it last night as well and gotta say it's been too long since I had a great multi-hour session with some friends. Chasm has really grown on me - had a number of super tense CTF maps and it's so nice having dual snipes in play. I am loving Escalation Slayer- team did a great job IMO. Being down a few tiers and holding off the enemy team as they're charging with Oddballs and coming back to tie and then have a final showdown was exhilarating as hell.

Edit: I have been mixing up Escalation Slayer calling it Extraction for months. I blame old age.


Originally posted by GiggityGansta

Thanks, already have. Have seen from a few people that there is an issue with emblems coloring in general.

thank you!

and yes, we're tracking a list of emblems we've noticed this happening on so the tickets absolutely help.

07 Mar


Thank you, passing this along to the team!


hey hey, if you haven't yet, can you hit up Halo Support and let them know? that way they can track things.