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07 Jun

The defense rests. No further question, your honor.

06 Jun

Appreciate everyone's support and we know that the vast majority of the Halo community isn't like this. But, it's the internet and this thing is sadly not uncommon. We don't take these things lightly and our top priority is the safety of our team and players - we have a zero tolerance policy towards threats of any kind, they are all taken seriously, and all escalated and pursued to the full extent possible.

Back in my day the worst thing that happened was someone picketing outside the studio and one guy who got through to our desk phones and left messages for a large chunk of the studio complaining that the Halo 3 beta wasn't live yet.

Unfortunately it was brought to our attention some time ago that SA and SS on iOS were no longer functioning. (sorry Spartan Runner isn't ours/official) I believe iOS updated at some point around two years ago, which broke both of these games. The original development partner was no longer involved and after a few months of investigation we did not have a viable solution to address these issues and continue supporting these titles. They've been removed from the Apple Store for some time now and are regrettably not in a great state. While I'd love to see these revisited and updated, currently the studio is focused on MCC PC and Infinite so it's not something we can tackle right now.

05 Jun

Originally posted by Bernie_Berns


NO U <3

Originally posted by The_Roptor

Your appreciation is all that I need, Grim

And my appreciation indeed you have.

04 Jun

Originally posted by The_Roptor

...You told me you were gonna wear something nice

Underrated response here.

Love the visuals!

03 Jun


And if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 117 mph... you're gonna see some serious sh*t.

Originally posted by Boyinlost286

A tweet from @halo

You're definitely not wrong

02 Jun

01 Jun

I love stories like this. <3

I hope y'all had a blast!

31 May

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