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27 Feb

    BjornB on Steam - Thread - Direct
It's just a little over 24 hours before we release the free 1.6 Ironclad update alongside our new expansion: Man the Guns. Let's have a closer look at what this update brings to the game

Click here to read the development diary by podcat[forum.paradoxplaza.com]

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26 Feb

25 Feb

23 Feb

22 Feb

    BjornB on Steam - Thread - Direct
We're almost there! Less than a week to go before the release of Man the Guns on February 28th. In this video, Game Director Dan Lind takes you through some of the key features of the expansion.


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21 Feb

    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
Important meeting: HoI4 - Reddit AMA - 20:00CET - reddit.com/r/IAmA

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