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Tumult said: Luxemborg focus tree cheat code works....was it added with last patch?
It was added in Together for Victory, but no one ever found it, so we thought to tell you about it now!  
Hello there everyone, I’m sure you can guess who it is, it's me, C0RAX.

So let me clue you in, I know it's been a while since our last update but this one will be worth it, I promise!! We have been working tirelessly to bring you the greatest leap in the history of the hearts of iron franchise(Bit of trivia,it’s over a decade old). We’ve wanted to go above and beyond what the fans expected for a long time so we have a long running project we've kept very close to our chest, the one we’re here to announce.

Ok, without further ado and before you can make all the blocks fall into place on your own, here it is, the future of the franchise:
    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

31 Mar

magispitt said: Are doctrines still researched? I thought they were acquired through spending experience
Hello! Thank you for catching that, it has now been edited in the document.  
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Generals of the Hearts of Iron IV Community!

We've created this repository of knowledge for new and existing players. Here you can find glorious links, tutorials, and other resources to suppor...
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29 Mar

Hello! This would be a bug, I am working on an overhaul so that we can more easily transfer reports to our internal system, but Il take a look at this as soon as possible and try and fix it!  
blahmaster6k said: Honestly, considering that the second night vision tech is a 1946 tech, it hardly comes up in a normal game from my experience.

I've pushed those techs ahead of time as Italy when going all in on a GBP/special forces kind of thing.

I'll save everyone the trouble and post it myself:


28 Mar

Here's the logic of training air wings.

1) Rookies are terrible at air to air combat. Consider these two wings:

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blahmaster6k said: True, but keep in mind that the other side also has the -50% night attack penalty. Meaning that during the night time, your divisions will still have a 25% firepower buff that the other side doesn't have.

I just want to remind everyone (and I know you know this, but others might not) that between GBP right and the night vision techs, you can completely eliminate the night fighting penalty.

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27 Mar

GeneralisimoAR said: do you mean taht this:
"further using its own stats." referes to the bomber turrets???

In this case as the wiki states: any plane on a ground mission after the escort phase.  
That would be this one:

Disruption damage factor​

The ground mission wing can reduce any disruption left over after the escort phase further using its own stats. Finally the disruption produces a damage factor that scales the damage the mission can actually do. It uses the following components:

  • disruption: value after the escort phase
  • defense factor: air wing's defense divide by 200
  • attack factor: air wing's attack divided by 200
  • speed factor: air wing's speed divided by 1500
  • air wing's number of planes (not reduced by mission efficiency)
{\displaystyle {\text{disruption damage factor}}=100\%-{\sqrt {\frac {\text{disruption}}{10\cdot {\text{number of  planes}}\cdot (1+{\text{defense factor}})\cdot (1+{\text{attack factor}})\cdot (1+{\text{speed factor}})}}}}... Read more
Short answer would be: Both.

Each side is both attacker and defender at the same time.  

24 Mar

Eruth said: What is Cadet Hoi4?
There used to be three different editions of HoI 4: Cadet (the base game), Colonel (with additional 3d Tank and Cruiser models included) and the Field Marshal edition (containing also the first two expansions). However both the Colonel and the Field Marshal have been retired long ago.  

23 Mar

21 Mar

16 Mar