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15 Feb


With Operation Sabre comes plenty of new bugfixes, some attention towards Bulgaria and Romania, and the portions to your Career Profiles we outlined in our Previous Dev Diary. The War initiative continues

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I looked up the mod name in the Steam Workshop and it does not seem to be there. Is it possible that this mod was removed from the workshop by its creator? If that is the case steam also updates the mods on your computer which means the launcher still looks for the mod (since it is in a playlist) but cannot find the descriptor file or the mod files anymore. Therefore the error.  

13 Feb

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11 Feb

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Not a tech support issue so moved to main forum. If the community agrees it's likely to be a bug, post in Bug Reports please.  

10 Feb

08 Feb

blahmaster6k said: And I think I was one of the first people to discover that multirole strategy so you don't have to inform me about it

I really should have tagged the OP as well, since I know that you know that I know that you know.... Well, you get the point.
News on DLC are never early nor late. They arrive exactly when they are meant to and for all to see. Until then there is no point at all to ask for the whens and ifs.  
blahmaster6k said: In enemy air superiority zones, you should not be using CAS at all. It will simply be interrupted and not carry out its missions. This is why you use fighters only unless you have at least yellow, preferably green air.

That's the optimum path against a human opponent, certainly.

But I'll be honest: one of the ways I scam the AI is to run something akin to this set up.

Run Battlefield Support as your doctrine. And build multi-role planes like this:

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06 Feb

marcelo r. r. said: I can't believe even in real life someone in CONTROL of SUEZ will blow up to cut itself from india ocean.

Pfft. That's amateur hour.

I've seen AI Romania blow the Suez in an MP game with humans on majors because of how weird occupation come out with exp. forces and so on.

"Smoke'em if you got'em. Our modders have to go into the save game file and fix things before we can continue our epic battle for Egypt."

It reminds me of a Monty Python skit where the Royal Army brigadier gets angry with the Axis po... Read more

04 Feb

IITonicII said: I tried logistical strikes but it doesn't seem to change anything.

I find this odd.

I recently ran a game and wiped out enemy logistics without too much effort.

A few things to consider when bombing logistics.

1) Did you bomb them for more than a week? It takes time to have impact thanks to supply grace and fuel stockpiles on the front.

2) Do you actually control the skies? If the bombers aren't getting through, then it doesn't matter what mission they are running.

3) Did you have enough pl... Read more

03 Feb

Hello, Ingevar is here with news about Career Profile, if you're just looking for patch notes, scroll down to find them at the bottom, but let's get into things!

More stats and Awards​
We were happy to see that a lot of players welcomed new awards and got gold medals including the trickiest ones, so we felt we should expand the list of medals and ribbons a bit.
Previously we focused on warfare mostly, but this time we added some that cover economy, production and recruitment aspects of the game.

My personal favorite is the new ribbon "Orchestra of Boom": first of all the name! But then also it will require you to design and deploy a division with anti-tank, anti-air, artillery and rocket artillery with a support signal company. Not that hard to do, but very fun to use this division in battle!​

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

02 Feb

Reserved for Developer Replies

Herennius said:
I'm also happy for anyone being interested in career profiles and the fact that they got beefed up...though I have to say also that these have zero relevance for me. Not trying to argue that work could have been spent elsewhere or something...I'm fine with pleasing that crowd as well; just making the point that not everyone cares about that stuff in case it somehow matters for higher level decision-making.
It's doesn't impact our workload of making fixes and expansions

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30 Jan

Reni Malaj said: The Bf 110 wasnt a heavy fighter per se. It had a slim fuselage and rather short wings. The plane was comperable in size to the 109. It came from german experimentation with the Schnellbomber and later Zerstörer program. Both gave birth to relatively light and fast combat aircraft. Another product of this line of thinking, the Do 17 is also ingame a light airframe. They stand in contrast to larger planes like the Ju 88 series, Do 217, Fw 200 which were propper long range planes.
All of this does not come without its issues. The Sprites and Models are assigned in the designer according to ...
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