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15 Nov

blahmaster6k said: How do you actually do this? Every time I try to block sea zones around Europe as another country to trade with the USSR via the Pacific the game just says there's no trade route.

No, I mean a human Soviet Union can do that.

Obviously, with an AI Soviet Union, you're out of luck.  

14 Nov

billcorr said: Here is a list of nations with CAS Military-Industrial Organizations (which nations am I missing?)

View attachment 1047219

View attachment 1047220
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FLUX2226 said: Don't you get a choice as Germany whether you want Quisling's coup to happen or not?

Yes. But be warned: I have rejected Quisling, seized Oslo, and then the coup happened anyway with my troops now cut off from supply and stuck on neutral soil with no military access because Quisling flipped Oslo to his side. Oh, and it would take 25 days to justify on him to take Oslo back.  

13 Nov

Ossiv said: "The Pacific route was 47.1 % of all lend-lease deliveries"... Why isn't the Pacific route used for half of leand-lease deliveries in the game?

Because I can make the Pacific route be 100% of deliveries? But the AI isn't thinking about that.  
Let Italy fail to the point where Mussolini gets overthrown and the civil war starts. Then win the war and force a peace conference. Let Italy pay warscore to get Italian cores back.

Or just puppet Regno del Sud. :D

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I wouldn't be surprised if an attache to Japan is why all the Chinas like to slap embargoes on my Germany at various points in the game. But I am not always clear on what the AI is doing sometimes.  

11 Nov

Trick question.

Obviously, it's a German-Japan rework where each country has a secret "Man in the High Castle" branch in its focus tree. Paradox has partnered with Amazon Prime, and each Prime user gets the focus trees for free. The DLC also ships free the next day.  
marcelo r. r. said: I don't mind others but Turkey Battle of Bhosphorus need stop creating ww3, see and ...
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10 Nov

FindFloppies said: The only time I do this is if there is a specific port-to-port supply where a quick rail-fix will make it stop being exposed at sea. Le Havre in France is an example, Wilhelmshaven is another. Build that level 1 rail line to Wilhelmsaven to level 2, and it stops getting supplied by sea. Same for Brest supplying Le Havre by sea.

The fact that your method is a completely viable strategy brings this to mind:

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GrandVezir said: And the Ryan George pitch meeting to go with.

FindFloppies said: Biplanes with navigation coming right up...

Shhh... That's the schtick I'm planning to use for my next livestream.

"Can the Night Witches beat Hitler?"


(And yes, the irony with having Stormfront in the picture is deliberate. :D ) ... Read more

09 Nov

stormsand9 said: You didn't take Libya, so the Grand council of Fascism was waiting for Italo Balbo's counterattack to make everything alright.

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The Colonel said: (I feel like so many people evaluate it only on the current building slots as if they are never going to do dispersed/concentrated industry tech?)

Guilty as charged.

But in my defense, I'm also trying to balance things between "I can build more stuff now" versus "I get more stuff later." Every infra I build now is fewer MIC now building equipment now. In a number of cases, I'd rather have more equipment now so I can take other people's factories to build more stuff later.

But I will say that I really try to op... Read more
Boginga said: You are using an example where the country with tanks doesnt also have air power. I didnt mention air because in a situation where 2 countries of equal strength are fighting, the effectiveness of one side's CAS is dulled by the other side's fighters and vise versa.

But that's my point. You can claim "unkillable tanks" or "tanks with MW are OP" all day long, but what's really important is the air power and logistics. Winning the air war is more important than tanks in most MP games I've played. Admittedly, I'm out of date on a lo... Read more
Corpse Fool said: And how did it work the rest of the time?

It didn't matter in the other situations because the enemy lost for reasons unrelated to tank templates. Or there was that one time I really screwed up the invasion of France, but that was not a template issue, either.

Victories where tank templates were not the decisive factor:

1) The time I landed in Germany with 48 British panzer formations in 1943 using GBP. (This was pre-TfV.) There were simply not enough Axis forces in the west to repel firepower of that magnitud... Read more
Gefallener_Held said: - Germany needs 80 percent infrastructure in provinces bordering Poland (six total) plus rail upgrades in the East followed by rail upgrades in the West before Fall Gelb

Does she, though?

I understand the need for more infra and rails in the run up to Barbarossa, but I've never felt that I was missing much by ignoring those focuses prior to France capitulating. The thing that slows me down the most in Poland are the few divisions that last stand on day 1, but even then, I can beat the Poles before Around the Maginot ... Read more
Corpse Fool said: The equivalent of a 4:1 in the Before Times would have been a 16/4. And as much as I know that there were people saying that MW org 'lets' you run something as heavy as a 17/3 and still have enough org to be usable... no one actually does this.

There have been times I would consistently run 16/4 with R/R in MW. And I was consistently told it was too tank heavy. But it also worked really well in some key situations. (I think at one point our MP group modded the game slightly specifically to make my old school 40w panzer formations l... Read more
The irony of this thread is that I don't think Balance of Power does enough to depose Mussolini when the situation goes bad.

Trying to speed run the collapse of Italy as France a few games ago, I literally held Sardinia, Sicily, and Rome within the first six months of Italian entry, and they still wouldn't fracture. Since I hadn't taken out a bunch of other stuff, the drift was too weak/slow to get Mussolini deposed in a timely fashion. It took over two months after Rome was occupied for Italy to begin that process because of where the Balance of Power was prior to my attacks.

Maybe the Grand Council of Fascism needed to file some extra paperwork or something?  
Boginga said: I think it kinda trivialises the game when infantry becomes useless against the super tanks no matter how much they're entrenched or how much AT they have. 1k breakthrough is 1k breakthrough, the only real counter is making your own tanks (which wont be nearly as effective without also using mobile warfare).

Do those tanks still have 1000 breakthrough under red air?

Related question: Do those tanks still have 1000 breakthrough after CAS has inflicted strength damage on them for two days in a row?

Bonus point quest... Read more
Aron77 said: Dear Gamers,
Does the Radio Navigation module have any use on Fighters and CAS planes?
many thanks in advance

Let's look at some stats:

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