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it gets stuck on the hyperscape page that appears when i start the game ,i even reinstalled the game but it is still not working!!!
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Hi carl25828!

Sorry to hear you having issues with launching your game even after reinstalling and updating drivers.

In this situation, can you please try the steps in this article.

Please let us know the results of those steps.

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Hi paaV_!

Sorry to hear you still have issues launching after doing those steps.

In this case, I would like to check out your system files. Can you please create a support ticket and include your Dxdiag and MSinfo files?

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Originally Posted by carl25828
i tried reinstalling uplay but i did not do other things because i might end up destroying my pc
just to be specific of the problem here is an image of what happens when i start the game https://postimg.cc/rdDSjbcT the cpu usage will go higher in about 10 sec and it does not move forward from the hyperscape page
Thanks for the update, carl25828!

The other steps on the troubleshooting article shouldn't harm your PC. Were you able to check that your system met the minimum requirements?

We recommend that you try the steps on the linked article, as this can help to solve common problems that may be causing this issue. You mention that you've already updated all of your drivers, but could you also try verifying your game files and closing any background applications for us please? Thanks!

If the issue persists after trying these steps, I recommend following Houck's recommendation and open a support case on our dedicated website. Please attach an MSinfo and DxDiag to your case, and include all troubleshooting steps you have tried so far in your case notes.
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Thanks for trying the other troubleshooting for us!

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble opening a support case. If it's easier, you can also reach out to us via live chat, Twitter and Facebook.

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