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- Fixed walker camera always rotating to default when manning.
- Fixed broken remote ballista aiming.
- Fixed remote ballista not shooting fire and hellfire bolts.
- Fixed rupu slings not having 180s activation timer.
- Fixed rupu slings having debug arrows.
- Fixed Domus Walker having Reinforced armored legs.
- Fixed missing textures on some objects.
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25 Jun

We wanted to kick this post off by saying we’re excited to be part of the Steam Summer Sale! Starting now (June 25th) until July 9th, Last Oasis will be available for 20% off.

Now, to get into some details about the Volcanic update:

We wanted to touch on some of the changes and additions we made, and give some insight into how things were designed and developed! Check out the full patch notes here.

Domus Walker

We plan on releasing more and more Walk... Read more
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24 Jun

The new update is here!

We've decided to try a new format for the changelog, which should highlight the important changes and things you've specifically been asking for, instead of a huge list of every small thing we did. Let us know what you think!

We'll also be posting a big devlog tomorrow, providing more details on the bigger features, their purpose and balance decisions. Expect some hotfixes in the next few days and we're also working on a follow up patch for Volcanic with even more new features.

  • Added Volcanic Hard map along with new Creature and two new Resources
  • Harvestable Lava Lakes appear on Volcanic along with corresponding Resource and a Container
  • Lava now deals damage to players and walkers
  • 4 new Volcanic Lootsites added (one with a chest to drag, one platformer with a chest on the top, one with a giant rock to mine and one burnable)
  • Lava Pools c...
Read more
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20 Jun

19 Jun

To start, we wanted to make it clear that communicating with our community is a top priority for us. We know that we haven’t been as vocal as we were at launch, and we apologize for that. The purpose of this devlog is to bring you more insight as to what has been happening behind the scenes at Donkey Crew since we released Last Oasis in Early Access.

Producer Lucas Stannis touches on some of the key points discussed in this post:

First, a little explanation about the development process: the content that we’re releasing has been in production for a while. It may not be what you are all wishing for at this very moment, but this patch has been planned for some time. Moving forward, you will see more community input within the additions and changes we make to Last Oasis. The team doesn’t stop to focus on one spe... Read more