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04 May

30 Apr


Originally posted by mr_math24

During the most toxic days of this sub you drove me crazy haha but sad to see you go!

i've always been here for you commander ;)

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26 Apr


The dev team endeavors to support as many devices and operating systems as possible. With the advancements in game development over the past five years, including the game engine and file density of the app, specific low-memory devices should update their operating systems (OS) if an update is available.

If your device runs Android version 11 (Red Velvet Cake) or 12 (Snow Cone), you may be able to upgrade the operating system to Android 13 (Upside Down Cake) to optimize your gaming experience. Some Android devices may not have an update available, as each manufacturer (Xiomi, Motorola, etc…) selects which devices to release the version update. Some low-performance devices will be capped at Android 11 or 12 to optimize memory performance. Check the Settings menu to see if you have an Android version update available that will benefit your device.

Steps to Update Your Android Version:

  • Link your Marvel Strike Force account to your Scopely Account - ensur...
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24 Apr


There are several changes to the Blitz schedule over the next two weeks to align properly with events.

  • There will be two Orb Blitzes in a row this week and next week.
  • The Blitzes for Morbius and Dagger will each be delayed by one day and have their durations reduced by one day.

With this updated schedule, there is the potential to earn an additional ~8 Red Star Orbs, ~6 Premium Orbs, and 500k Gold. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the extra rewards!

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22 Apr

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