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20 May


Yesterday there was an issue that necessitated temporarily disabling the Nova Trials. The event was subsequently reactivated without Leaderboard rewards, and the end date is set for Friday, May 26th.

A second version of the Nova Trials with an active Leaderboard is scheduled to start Wednesday, May 24th, and run until Sunday, May 28th. Please note that the dates could shift slightly due to technical reasons. This version will have the following Pacts disabled: Bio Armor, Evasive Maneuvers, and Bio Charged. The Snake Eyes Pact will be active with updated text to match the function. We will closely monitor the scores to ensure the integrity of the ranked rewards.

As a reminder about Leaderboard tiebreakers, scores are ranked chronologically, so players who score first will rank higher than the same score achieved later by another player.

We apologize for the rocky release of Nova Trials and greatly appreciate your patience while we address the issues. We’re ha...

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19 May


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The power of the Nova Force is about to become even stronger! Coming very soon, Awakened Abilities will be available for Nova, including:

Cosmic Beam - Awakened

  • On War Offense, clear all Barrier on primary and adjacent targets
  • On War Offense, if this character has applied Nova Force this match, Bonus Attack the primary target for 250% damage
  • On War Offense, characters killed by this attack cannot be revived

Nova Blast - Awakened

  • On War Offense, clear all Barrier on primary and adjacent targets
  • On War Offense, if this character has applied Nova Force this match, apply Bleed to primary and adjacent targets
  • On War Offense, characters killed by this attack cannot be revived

The Human Rocket - Awakened

  • On War Offense, if this character has Charged and 2 or more Knowhere allies, Cosmic enemies cannot gain Defense Up
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An issue was encountered with the Nova Trials, and the event has been temporarily disabled while we investigate the problem. We will keep you posted on our progress…

UPDATE: There is an issue with a couple of Pacts that are not functioning as intended, which has a secondary effect of inequity on the associated Leaderboard. To ensure the integrity of the Leaderboard, the Nova Trials will be reactivated as-is but only with the Milestone rewards available, lasting at least through the weekend. Please note that you may see an irrelevant message in the Milestone and Ranking tabs that says, “You have attained max stars for this character, and you are no longer eligible for rank rewards” - this is inert and has no effect on functionality.

A second version (date TBD) will be started with only Leaderboard rewards, not Milestone rewards. We will continue to keep you posted on the topic, and we appreciate your patience in the interim.

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17 May


Originally posted by jinyx1

No orb autoscroll fix. What was even the point?

It looks like it was addressed only in certain areas. The team is discussing the broader implications, and we'll keep you posted.


The road to the anticipated Dark Dimension VI begins with the upcoming release of Gear Tier 18! The next level of gear is something special and will change the game in exciting ways.

In creating the next level of gear, the dev team reflected on the player experience in upgrading previous Gear Tiers. We wanted to ensure Gear Tier 18 feels truly impactful for the players. So when a character crosses the threshold from Gear Tier 17 to 18, you’ll see a significant stats increase compared to previous gear tiers. In some cases, the contribution GT18 makes to the overall power of some characters could be nearly double compared to other gear tiers. Historically, the stats increase in the final stage of progressing to the next level was minimal. With GT18, a significant portion of the new power will come after equipping the final gear piece and in the next-level upgrade.

Check out this video for some great examples of stats upgrades you can expect from some powerful characte...

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A new client, Version 7.1.1, is now available to download from your respective app store. This will start as an optional update but will soon be a forced upgrade. This version addresses several issues, including:

  • Anomaly detected could occur when quickly upgrading multiple character abilities.
  • The Supplies Store experienced unintentional auto-scrolling.
  • The darkened effect of maxed characters in the store would unintentionally stack.
  • The Advanced Option of "Open All Orbs" would unintentionally apply to red star and elite orbs.
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16 May

12 May

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