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09 Apr


Which characters did you use, please? Also, which device were you using?

08 Apr


This is great commander. But let’s think about the last gold hoarding. There was 2-4 gold opening events in a row. I’d say do not open all your training orbs. We are on to them commanders!!!!

07 Apr


Originally posted by JJaySmokes

That's rough

Right? Why would anyone come back

06 Apr


In keeping with the tradition of Dark Dimension, there will be a grand celebration of the first player to clear the Apocalyptic Difficulty of the Apocalypse Saga, Tadano Mac (Japan)! All players can look forward to:

  • The name "Tadano Mac (Japan)" added to another combat environment.
  • A new Apocalypse (Golden) costume will be a timed exclusive to the winner but will be made available to all players at a later date.
  • The winner will choose a character (some exclusions apply) of which to gift 100 shards to all players.
  • In the upcoming weeks, 4 polls will be posted via social media for players to vote for characters featured in upcoming Blitzes.

Congratulations to the winner, and we'll keep you updated on the details of the forthcoming celebration!

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As the epic conclusion to the Age of Apocalypse, we have added the final chapter to Apocalyptic Difficulty of Apocalypse's Saga. Conquering this battle will allow players who have acquired a 7-Star Apocalypse to unlock his Awakened Abilities. With it, a fully Awakened Apocalypse will be a terrible presence on the battlefields of MARVEL Strike Force and do justice to the legendary Marvel villain.

Awakened Upgrade: Basic Ability

  • Attack targets adjacent to primary target for 400% damage + 100% Drain
  • Apply Bleed to primary and secondary targets

Awakened Upgrade: Special Ability

  • Apply +2 Vulnerable, +2 Offense Down, and +2 Defense Down, up to a maximum of 3 to primary and secondary targets.

Awakened Upgrade: Ultimate Ability

  • Lower Ability Energy Cost to 8
  • Apply Bleed and Slow to all enemies
  • Fill Speed Bar for self by +40%

Awakened Upgrade: Passive Ability

  • ...
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05 Apr


““Scopely is one of the fastest-growing games companies today, and we have long admired their ability to build loyal, engaged player communities,” Ward said in a statement. “Under Walter and Javier’s stewardship, Scopely has proven to be an exceptional leader and will continue to revolutionize the future of games for years to come.”

I’m gonna go throw up in my mouth a little

04 Apr


Over the weekend, a login calendar went live that contained items relevant to the Angel’s Army milestone, but they would have been delivered after the event ended. The calendar delivered in this state was unintentional and therefore deactivated. Compensation will be sent in the near future to affected players based on the number of days rewards were claimed. As the milestone has already ended, comparable compensation for the Reaper Orbs will be included instead.

Get started on making progress in the next event, Evil Invasion, now live!

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03 Apr


Images on website:

Greetings, Marvel Strike Force players! If this is the first Preview blog you’ve read, welcome! Twice annually, the dev team gets the opportunity to lift the fog of war and give you a look farther into the future, to assist in planning your progress for the year.

This game has such an amazing community and it’s our privilege to get a bit more in-depth into how the team is thinking about your feedback and using it to make improvements and create new content. The most satisfying part of our jobs is releasing exciting content an...

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02 Apr


Originally posted by Lord_Soth77

Just upload the video of this so called cheat on YouTube and ask any CC to report to the devs. It's not a rocket science.

Have you seen most of the player base commander?


Originally posted by Either_Door_4568

If they put as much effort into quality assurance as they did this April Fool’s joke we would have one heck of a game. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Can you imagine if they actually made real food? We’d all be dead of food poisoning commander.

01 Apr

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