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03 Jun

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We have another update on the situation regarding the Nova Trials Rank Rewards with the intended change to the minimum point value of 400K but had unclear communication. Upon further review there was an adjustment to the final rank payouts with extra rewards. All players that earned at least 100K points in the Nova Trials Leaderboard are eligible to receive Rank Rewards. This recalculates the entire Leaderboard and sends additional rewards to eligible players. The top 1-5000 Ranks will receive a duplicate Nova Red Star, which will be converted to Elite Credits. This process started today and may take a few hours to 1 day for the new rank rewards to be sent to all players.

Future iterations of Nova Trials and other Trial events may have adjusted minimum point values or rank thresholds. You can find these communicated in blog posts and/or on the ranking tab of future events.

We appreciate you providing feedback on this topic and for your patience while we reviewed it....

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31 May


The dev team has been reading feedback regarding the minimum point requirement for the Nova Trials Rank Rewards. We understand there was confusion regarding the intended change of the minimum point value from 100,000 to 400,000. As this was not as clear as it could have been, we are currently reviewing the situation and discussing how to address it. This topic is a priority for the team, and we intend to have a consensus on how to proceed within the next couple of days, which we plan to share with you. We appreciate your patience in the interim and will keep you updated.

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30 May

29 May

26 May

24 May


There was an issue yesterday with the game servers that necessitated emergency maintenance. This issue has caused secondary effects, which have impacted Cosmic Crucible. The results are that certain data was calculated incorrectly, including Tribunal Rankings, Leaderboard rankings, match-making, and some players being unable to attack.

There are several ways in which we’re addressing the situation.

  • The current tournament will continue to completion, and rewards will be sent per the standard rules.
  • The final Tribunal Ratings will ignore scores for this tournament, reverting to the standings at the start of Season 3.
  • Additional points for the Trials and Tribulations Milestone will be sent to all players and it will be extended by a few days.
  • Compensation will be sent, including Silver Credits, Gold Credits, and Quicksilver character shards.

The next round of Cosmic Crucible will begin as scheduled, and we’ll monitor it c...

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The dev team is working quickly to restore complete server stability in the wake of yesterday’s emergency maintenance. As work continues, the SIM feature for Blitz will be temporarily disabled today at ~2:00 PM (PDT) to reduce server strain. We will inform you of our progress and when SIM functionality has been restored. We greatly appreciate your patience in the interim.

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