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08 Sep


There have been questions about Shang-Chi regarding the fact that he is performing Heals in combat, despite there being no reference in the ability text or when he was announced previously. This is actually a bug that manifests when Colleen Wing is an ally and causes piercing damage to mistakenly be counted as negative damage, thus becoming a heal.

While investigating the root of the problem, the team has been observing the performance of the Heroes for Hire team including Shang-Chi. Coincidentally, the performance of the team with the healing bug is actually providing some positive results that puts the team on par with their intention. We believe that a proper healing mechanic for Shang-Chi would be appropriate.

Today @ 5:00pm PDT, we’ll be implementing a fix for the bug and at the same time give Shang-Chi a proper heal mechanic. The special ability text will be updated to include:

“Heal self and all Heroes for Hire allies for 50% of this charact...

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07 Sep

04 Sep


Today at 5:00pm PDT there was a 30-minute delay in the start of the final iteration of the Post Mortem Milestone event. The event is now running normally. We will be sending out some compensation soon for energy spent during the event downtime expecting to get credit toward the milestone. Next week, the team will review the situation in detail to determine if any further compensation is needed, specifically for players directly affected by the delay.

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03 Sep


Originally posted by SyNiKaLiTy

Accept community feedback on the current complexity of the "Legend" event.

What's the issue about complexity?


Greetings Commanders,

Mojo's quest for ratings is expanding beyond Real-Time Arena and we've got the details this week on a new way to earn ratings and rewards. But don't fade to black just yet because we've also got Blitzes that'll make enemies shake and a bonus number of Bonus and Flash Events. First up, it's lights, camera, action with Mojo!


Mojo is back for another exciting season with a new featured character, but this season also expands the options for objectives outside of Real-Time Arena. Here are the updates heading your way in the upcoming season of Mojo's Mayhem:

New Blitz Objectives

Season 10 will include the option of battling in Blitz as Daily and Weekly Objectives. By either winning in Blitz and/or getting KO’s in Real-Time Arena, you’ll earn Ratings towards Mojo’s Mayhem--the choice is yours. Accompanying the addition of Blitz to Mojo's Mayhem will be a small improvement to the Blitz R...

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02 Sep

01 Sep


Yeah, this has been a common request and the team is looking into it.


Sorry about that guys, it should have been resolved as of a few hours ago. Always appreciate the reports.


Originally posted by FullMetalCOS

Unfortunately there was three parts to her passive problem and you didn’t address the third one:

If multiple enemies die at once Deathpool will stop doing passive attacks once her target dies even if there should be more passive attacks queued - for example Doom special kills three enemies and leaves three more at low health, Deathpool passive SHOULD trigger three times, generating three passive attacks. Instead it will trigger and hit one of the remaining enemies, but if this enemy dies she will not perform her other two passive attacks triggered by the other two deaths.

Thank for reporting, I'll ask the team to investigate this further.


There are two issues regarding Deathpool’s passive ability.

First, you may have seen that the English-only text for Deathpool’s passive ability, Death Comes For All, was updated yesterday. That text was unintentionally pushed live yesterday from one of our development builds. One of the changes states that she won’t trigger a bonus attack when she personally kills an enemy unit. A true change like this would have happened in all languages, and would be accompanied by an official announcement. This text change will be undone.

In actuality, the dev team will be working to update the functionality to match the ability description and cause Deathpool to trigger her bonus attack if she kills an enemy character. This update will require a new client and therefore likely won’t be implemented for several weeks until the next version 5.7.0.

Second, there was another text update to Deathpool’s passive ability that clarifies how ability energy is distributed.


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29 Aug

27 Aug


Greetings Commanders,

A new MARVEL Strike Force chapter is beginning with Shang-Chi's arrival and if you want to be the author of your own destiny, you don't want to miss the event we'll be announcing today. We've also got two Legends heading back your way, Blitzes to increase your luck in battle, and your monthly opportunity for a big bullion score. Now, get ready for The Legend...


Shang-Chi is ready to punch the clock for S.T.R.I.K.E. and one of your first opportunities to earn his character shards and costume is with the upcoming The Legend Event. This is the first event to feature the new Event Store, and The Legend includes rewards to help transform your roster. Here's how this limited-time event works:

Fire Essence Event Currency

The Legend begins with the limited-time Fire Essence event currency, which you can earn from Campaign nodes (excluding Event Campaigns), Blitz, and select Daily Objectives.


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