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20 Aug


While the drugs unlocked their powers, they pull from the Lightforce and Darkforce as the source of their powers respectively.

19 Aug


Originally posted by tyguy101011

Don’t forget to send comp commander XP for the raid daily objectives… if they’re supposed to have it

Good reminder, thanks


Originally posted by ChesterAsakura

I've only read about it on Facebook, haven't experienced it myself. Apparently the nodes with Green Goblin are having the same issue as other game modes; someone mentioned that using area attacks are freezing the game or closing the game mid fight. This is happening (apparently) especially in Dark Dimension 3

Yeah, Green Goblin is currently borked, as mentioned in the post ^^


Originally posted by kaijoe79

My Daily Objective keeps saying I have 1 even though nothing is available and I've cleared everything

That's addressed in the post ^^


Originally posted by ChesterAsakura

Several people have been reporting issues doing Dark Dimension, has it been reported yet?

Would you be a bit more specific, please?


Originally posted by Solstiria

For those that accidentally bought bishop at the wrong price will we be refunded our war credits?

If you purchased Bishop character shards at 45K, send in a support ticket to CS and they can assist you.


There are a number of issues that the dev team is currently tracking in relation to the release of version 5.6.0 and are currently working on:


  • In War Store, character shards for Bishop were incorrectly priced
  • Milestone II Orbs incorrectly granting fragments for the discontinued Ability Orb
  • Raid Completion Rewards were reverted to a previous state
  • Cull Obsidian unintentionally missing from War Store and Nobu was appearing instead
  • World Warrior, High Roller, Save the World! Milestones - Missing Elite Orange Gear Orbs and all milestone thresholds were not claimable

In Progress

  • Certain characters causing the game to become unresponsive in combat (Green Goblin, Falcon, Killmonger)
  • In Daily Objectives, the objectives related to Raids are not showing and causing red badges to appear that can’t be cleared. We’ll send the missing rewards, including Strike P...
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18 Aug


The dev team is currently tracking several bugs related to today’s update but there are two in particular that we want to call out tonight.

First, in the Daily Objectives, the two objectives related to Raids are not displaying properly and causing a secondary effect of red badges displayed over the Daily Objectives button that cannot be cleared.

Second, there is a problem with Green Goblin causing the game to become unresponsive in combat. We’re also seeing some similar issues with Falcon and Killmonger. We are testing to see if this problem is occuring with any other characters as well.

The team is currently investigating both of these issues and we will keep you posted on our progress. We do plan to publish a full list of issues that we’re tracking regarding the release, as we usually do with new major versions. We appreciate your patience in the interim.

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17 Aug


Introducing: Deathpool! The daughter of Deadpool and the cosmic entity Death, Deathpool is MARVEL Strike Force's contribution to Deadpool's year-long 30th Anniversary celebration.

Arriving over the course of this release:

  • EDIT ON 8/19: The Arena timer was removed, as the method to see a player and start a battle has slightly changed
  • Enhance your Roster with 4 new playable characters: Deathpool, Cloak, Dagger, and Shang-Chi.
  • New costumes: Shang-Chi - Battle Armor, Doctor Strange - What If…?, Invisible Woman - Ultimate, Carnage - Absolute Carnage, Taskmaster - Red Room, Emma Frost - Dawn of X
  • Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Devoted trait for the Deathpool Event Campaign: Shadow of Deathpool
  • New Advanced Setting: Auto-Basic Combat - Save Special and Ultimate abilities for later use by auto-playing using only a character's Basic ability during combat. To activate, go to "Settings" >> Advanced...
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Originally posted by ultimaten444

Go Birds!



Originally posted by Glad_Vegetable_7020

Spiderman Basic - attack primary target for 350% attack. Chain to 10 adjacent targets beginning within 2 spaces of primary target. Apply defense down to all targets. If charged, stun primary target then lose 1 charged. Gain +1 evade up to a maximum of 3.

Special - attack primary and adjacent targets for 600% damage. Apply slow to primary and adjacent targets. If charged, all enemies are slowed and apply blind to 2-3 random enemies then lose 1 charged.

Ult- attack primary target for 800% damage + 100% damage for each spiderverse ally. All other enemies are hit for 450% damage + 50% damage per spiderverse ally. If charged, rewind turn meter of all enemies by 33% and lose 1 charged.

Passive- gain 30% health, damage, and evade. Gain 10% evade for each spiderverse ally. All spiderverse allies gain 25% health, damage, and evade. Whenever self or ally evades, gain +1 charged up to 5 and heal all allies by 25% of this characters max health. On spawn, apply eva...

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Nice i like that one. lets get more!


Originally posted by KDOGTV

What do you mean when you say that we can’t and never will nerf America Chavez? Do you not see this as an issue?

how is that an issue?


Originally posted by pnotar

Fly Eagles Fly! Going to the Chargers game, first game in 2+ seasons. Even if the team is disappointing / going through growing pains, I still can't wait. Any tips for getting slushies in to The Linc?

I'm guessing your proposed Thor rework will be perfect for Jane Foster once Love & Thunder comes out.

No slushies in the linc, but you if want the best damn cheese steak, go out side the city about 30 minutes to "curlys" best damn cheese steaks anywhere. you can thank me later!


Originally posted by reveillenin

this stupid shit again

yes sir!

Greetings my Fellow Commanders!

I hope you all are as excited as I am for compensation day! Yes my friends, this the day that Boundless Bugs Entertainment releases a new patch with so many bugs they have to send us virtual gear as an apology for everything they didn't QA today!

I know it's been a while since we've lost talked so not only will we do an AMA about the new patch but I've also created some new content for all of you! In Honor of MCU's new series' WHAT IF!

I ask you all.. What IF? Boundless Bugs Entertainment released 3 of our favorite characters today instead of 3 years ago! what would they look now vs their useless state they are currently in? ...

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There is an update to Deathpool’s passive ability, Death Comes For Us All, from when it was announced in Strike Time and the related weekly blog. The published text states:

  • On Spawn, fill Speed Bar by +10% + 5% for each MYSTIC ally

This is being updated to reflect the original intention:

  • On Spawn, fill Speed Bar for self and all MYSTIC allies by +10% + 5% for each MYSTIC ally

This update will be reflected when version 5.6 goes live later today.

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