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19 Nov

I’m Asking because door man doo has been power crept an hour ago I hear ;)


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18 Nov


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No RTA is


17 Nov


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he’s talking about u/cm_drunkencerebro

I’ve been drinking slushies. How ya been?



Were you playing on Auto-attack or in low graphics mode?

16 Nov


Today at 4pm PST, the newest Blitz went live and it currently features Red Guardian instead of the intended character, Wasp. As players already began making progress in the Blitz, we are leaving Red Guardian as the featured character and the Wasp Blitz will run at a later date. We apologize for the confusion.

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12 Nov


Greetings Commanders,

The fight for Alliance supremacy is a battle that must be fought through cooperation across the Alliance ranks and today, we're briefing everyone on several updates to improve the rewards reaped from your teamwork. We've also got the lowdown on character availability, stout Blitzes, and weekly events that'll act as a catalyst for success.

Alliance Donations & Stark Tech

Alliance Donations and Stark Tech have been tools for Alliances for some time now, but with more active Alliances than ever in MARVEL Strike Force, we want to update the features to help improve Alliance progress for new and veteran Commanders alike. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes new Alliances to level up and lower the cost of Stark Tech for all. Here's what's coming with our forthcoming Version 5.9 Release:

Alliance Donations

The first big update you'll notice is we'll be doubling Alliance XP rewards from All...

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10 Nov


Originally posted by Zander_msf

I've raised the cap Sam issue repeatedly with support so Boundless are fully aware of it. It took me having to change lanes in Doom 1 to stop having the issue - because skill is now my last section.

Thanks for reporting. The team is currently investigating and hopefully I'll have something to report back in the near future.


Would you please provide a few details on which raids you are in and what happens in battle when you encounter this issue?

09 Nov


We have an announcement planned for this week's Friday blog about the Doctor Strange costume - it's gonna be good, so don't miss it.


Have you tried restarting your phone? If you can't get into the game, you can also email our support team and they can assist you: [email protected]


The character I personally want added to the game most!

08 Nov

05 Nov


Originally posted by tai20212021

What is the difference between a repeating legendary event vs. what Phoenix's legendary event was doing before? Does that mean Omega Red is not a repeating legendary event

The "Repeating Legendary" events are basically on a separate calendar, meaning that they can run at the same time as the regular/mythic Legendary events and can repeat run more often.