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I keep getting the same "Hyper Scape servers are unreachable" Orchid-2002 error code every time I start the game. I've made sure windows isn't blocking the game but I'm still getting this error. I'm not sure what else to do. Anyone else have the same problem and fix it?
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Originally posted by Desperado87: im connecting to a different server (west japan or east asia) than what i intended (SEA). are there problems in regions?

Hey Desperado,

You can follow the steps to change your data center here.[support.ubisoft.com]
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Hey, Insanical!

Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear that you are encountering this connection issue. We ask that you please perform connectivity troubleshooting in order to optimize the online connectivity. Please review the below article:


If you continue to encounter problems connecting to online services, please provide us an update with the resolution of troubleshooting, as well as any error codes you encounter.

Thank you.
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Hey abysll,

To help with rubber banding and lag try enabling Vsync in the settings menu.There are more steps we can take with Vsync, but it depends on if you are using AMD or Nvidia.

Can I ask have you recently updated your graphics card and windows build? This is always a good first step with performance issues.

Do you have any overclocking software or game overlays running in the background as well? This can sometimes cause issues.

As for any connection problems I would advise following the steps in this guide -
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When you run EU4 you get three MP options. Whichever one you two have been using, please try the other two.  
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It would appear there have been widespread service issues rather than something related to our servers in particular. It seems to be resolved now though, and the team can confirm they're seeing stability, hopefully it stays that way!

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Originally posted by Low-Text-699

Thank you for responding. I thought it was back to normal again, but I dced as you wrote your reply lol.

Yeah, brilliant timing honestly, it seems like issues started again literally as I got the okay.

I'll keep the page updated but this one is out of our hands right now unfortunately :(

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Hey there,

I'd recommend having a read through of our Common connection solutions page which will address most connection issues. If the issue persists, you can submit a ticket at the bottom of the page for some further help :)

-Jagex Support

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