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Something’s lurking…

The Animals section of our website is now live, park managers! You can expect surprise reveals every so often, confirming more of our Early Access launch roster as we get closer to release.

As an aside, thank you all so much for you support over the past few days. The team’s been blown away by the response and we cannot wait to share more information with you!

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Although we'll be launching into Early Access on PC, we're open to try and get it running on MAC or even Linux if there's enough of an audience for it. No ETA on when/if that'll be however!
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As others have said, the team isn't interested in playable creatures as it may jeopardise the game's identity and core mechanics. Whether or not unofficial mods allow this sort of thing is another story. :)
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I'll go ahead and lock this thread to prevent further discourse, but to summarise:

Prehistoric Kingdom offers four different skin designs for the Tyrannosaurus. The "Brumal" skin features a short coat of feathers whilst the other three are scaly. Hope this helps!

01 Oct

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We would like to have the game localized at some point, but no further information is available.
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Originally posted by Look buddy, I'm an engineer: Tyrannosaurus was not scaly, idiot.

In fact, most dinosaurs didn't even had scales, but smooth/rugged skin.

You are a total imbecile. And Tyrannosaurus WILL have feathers in this game.

BTW, get ACTUAL RESOURCES, like papers from actual journals, not ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Facebook adds.

Please treat members here with respect instead of insulting them.

30 Sep

29 Sep

Arriving Q2 2021, build, manage and grow the ultimate zoo for extinct animals in PREHISTORIC KINGDOM.

Parterning with legendary wildlife presenter Nigel Marven, come with us on a journey to discover a world of wonder. Prehistoric Kingdom will be launching into Early Access with 22 animals, including Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Lambeosaurus, Styracosaurus, Mammuthus, Smilodon, and Coelodonta, with more coming after release.

For more information, check out the coverage on ...

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What if time could be rewritten? Discover a world of wonder with Prehistoric Kingdom - arriving Q2 2021!

For more information, check out IGN's article here!

01 Aug


Welcome to July’s development update!

It’s been a busy month for the PK team as we continue to work towards our next development build and trailer. A lot of our tasks are currently shrouded in secrecy which means this blogpost will be a little shorter than usual, but that’s okay! There’s plenty of progress to be discussed.

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07 Jul


Welcome to June’s development update!

Last month was great for the dev team, showing an increase in quality for all aspects of development. There’s simply too much to cover, so let’s dive right into the content coverage for June.

Development Progress The team’s been swell, steadily focusing on their tasks and chipping away at the project as per usual. Mau’s been making a lot of headway tackling troub... Read more

01 Jun


Welcome to May’s development update!

Over the past month the team has been working hard on furthering the development of Prehistoric Kingdom, bringing great progress to all areas across the board. We’re finally ready to reveal some of our new changes and additions to central parts of the project, so let’s dive in!

Maps: Meet the New Playable Area

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01 May


Welcome to April’s development update!

The past month has been highly productive for the PK team! As always, there is much gameplay and art to cover, as well as more animal showcases than usual thanks to a certain theropod, so let’s dive in!

Development Progress Development continues to advance at a steady pace, with a lot of the work being put into the terrain... Read more

01 Apr


Welcome to March’s development update!

There’s much to discuss in this month’s devlog for Prehistoric Kingdom: featuring new progress shots, concept art, animations and audio previews!

Development Progress Despite current conditions around the world, progress goes well. The team’s trying to stay as healthy as possible and work where we can on Prehistoric Kingdom.

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