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    Mau on Steam - Thread - Direct

Welcome, park managers!

With Christmas officially upon us, we felt there was no better way to close 2021 off with a festive holidays content patch!

  • Animals
    • New Animal Enrichment: Blood Pumpkin
    • New Animal Enrichment: Frozen Fruit Block
  • Buildings & Scenery
    • New Guest Facilities: Modern Table (x4)
    • New Props: Table Umbrella (x2)
    • New Official Prefabs: Shaded Table Modern (x4)
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24 Dec

23 Dec

22 Dec

    Mau on Steam - Thread - Direct

Welcome, park managers!

In this small patch we've targeted some main optimizations that should hopefully scale decently well with larger builds, as well as some much requested quality of life features.
The work on those fronts doesn't end here however: high on our priorities are further guest and animal optimizations, as well as better gameplay integrations of existing systems - power is on the line for further updates, with the eventual inclusion of status pop-ups making game readability more straight forward.

  • Foliage
    • Bald Cypress (x4)
    • Swamp Beech (x1)
  • UI/UX
    • Added keybind for quick modular grid toggle - G
    • Added a GUI tooltip to modular actions, giving users bett...
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