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I really hope not that would be annoying but then again wouldn't it be broken if it didn't? I assume it is staying the exact same where in siege he'd accidentally kill the hostage or a teammate

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Ubi-AJ mentioned that

You won't have to worry about friendly fire playing the regular missions unless there are changes made between here and launch.

So I guess you'll only have to worry about it during certain Assignments such as "Veteran Mode" which "removes the HUD, adds limited ammo, and enables friendly fire"

What this guy said ^

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So no changes made with friendly fire, also can I ask is constant crashing problems fixed?

Not sure what crashing issue you’re referring to.

If you’re referring to anything hypothetical in a TTS that you may or may not have participated in and signed an NDA disallowing you have discussing anything publicly about said TTS then I wouldn’t worry about crashing.

TTS builds are already months old when players get their hands on them and aren’t anything close to the stability of the most up to date launch build.