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I bought Rainbow on Epic Games months ago. I just got the season pass for year 5 and it's not showing up on my game. It doesn't seem like there is a download or a link I have to do. I would like to play with the new ops but it seems like Ubisoft doesn't want me to.
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Hello DuDude12! Did you activate the key you were provided for the Year 5 Pass in the Epic client? After further review of your account, that may be the issue here!
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Originally Posted by LoG.msp
By the way, how do I see if year 5 was activated? I bought it through Ubistore!

If you buy something on the Ubi Store, it links to your account automatically. You don't need to activate it.
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Originally Posted by Emrejaja12

I bought the welcoms pack and 1200 credits 2400 total didnt receive the credits while it was locked with a look on it couple weeks back and i got the 7 days booster but only the credits are missing i contacted support still after the case close i still didnt got my credits my ubisoft name Emrejaja12 ps4 name XpertFerox when am i gonna get my credits? It has been over 1month now

I'm sorry to read you're facing issues with your Welcome Pack. We experienced an issue where players were not getting everything they should have.

I can see progress is being made with the issue, however we don't have a solution just yet. We hope to have an answer soon.
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Originally Posted by ITrashRatI
I have opened a ticket with Ubisoft support who proceeded to close my case without actually trying to fix my problem at all. I have provided documentation that my purchase of the Year 5 Season Pass on the Xbox store was successful, and my card was charged. When I first bought the season pass when it released in late April. I received the charm, weapon skin, and alpha packs like normal. I also received the operators when they released like normal. However, ever since the Ubisoft shift from UPLAY to UBSIOFT CONNECT its like the game refused to recognize that I have the season pass. I no longer receive my additional challenges, I no longer receive my discount in the store. Every time I open the Siege store in game a bright yellow banner pops up alerting me that "Season Pass benefits are available". When I interact with the prompt, I get immediately notified by Xbox that I already own this content. I just want my VIP rewards that I paid for back, I haven't had them for weeks. It's like ordering a pizza and only getting half of it, I am supposed to get VIP rewards until January. Does anyone know how to help with this or who I can talk to? clearly support tickets weren't the way to go
Hello ITrashRatI

Welcome to the Forums.

Please take care to post your queries to the relevant Forum section, as this thread and section is regarding PC queries. We have a section to post Console queries and issues here.

Regarding this matter, it is currently being looked into by the team. And we request players ensure that their content is correctly installed on their console.

I can also see your case did receive a response yesterday. We do not close tickets unless there's no response for yourself for a few days, at which point it's closed automatically.

Thank you

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