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at the start of the season, I noticed I didn't got my Premium-pass, ok I wrote a ticket to the support, they said I should try to reload the licenses, ok done but it didn't help, answered and I got... no answer. I wrote another ticket, this time, they wanted a picture of the transaction of the Year-pass, ok, sent and... no answer. Another ticket, this time they wanted a video, ingame where i show the issue, ok done, sent the link and what happened? Nothing. No answer... what should I do more for the content, I paid and didn't receive for more than a whole month with a support that ignores their customers... I tried to get the money back from the Playstation store, they said no, I should contact the Ubisoft support... a huge disappointment. Are there another players with the same problem or a solution?

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Hiya @Skidddelido thanks for reaching out on Discussions. I do see your open ticket and you can rest assured an agent will be back in contact on your support case as soon as possible. With some higher than average contact volume there may be a delay so I appreciate your patience with their investigation into your purchase.