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So for reference my GPU temp is around the 40c mark at idle, and when I launch Rainbow Six Siege my GPU temps will literally increase to 75c in a matter of seconds.
My specs:
cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
gpu: Msi GamingX Geforce Gtx 1660 super (Twin Frozr 7)
ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz 2x8gb
psu: Corsair RM750
mobo: Asus x570 Tuf -PLUS WiFi
case: NZXT 210
To my knowledge my BIOS is up to date and running in "asus Optimal" mode which seems to be a modest stock OC setup, I also have up to date graphics drivers using Geforce Experience. I have a custom fan curve on MSI Afterburner I use to keep the temps in a range I like and I don't mind the extra sound, and I don't currently have my GPU overclocked. I have been trying to maximize the airflow in my case and I have currently 2 intake fans on the front, and 1 exhaust fan in the back, and a stock Wraith cooler on my CPU currently which keeps my 5600x in a reasonably healthy range when under load although I do plan on upgrading this. So to get to the issue- when I launched Rainbow Six Siege I noticed my GPU making more noise than usual, and it even seemed to have an audible "whine" which I could repeat at will by simply ALT+TAB'ing to hear it come and go as I opened and minimized the game. I always usually play with a Task Manager in the background so I can keep an eye on any unwanted programs starting or eating up my resources so I immediately noticed the GPU temperature. I am well aware that 75c is perfectly normal in most under load instances but this just seemed odd to me. I ran a Kombustor stress test with everything stock for around 10 minutes and my GPU temp held steady at 75c with 99%utilization. The problem is that in the Siege lobby my GPU is doing almost no legwork, and it is really off-putting to see my temps go from 40c to 75c in literally 10 seconds.

Any and all advice on this topic would be well received and much appreciated as I have exhausted about all I know in terms of fixing this (including a full re-install).

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@iamkrillin Sorry for the stress this issue has been trying to remedy on your end. Since you have exhausted all steps we can provide here on the forums, could you create a support ticket with your system files attached? This will allow us to take a closer look into this with you to try and pinpoint what might be causing this issue when playing Rainbow Six Siege.

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@iamkrillin Hey, Krillin!

Has capping the FPS to 145 resolved this issue fully for you or is it still happening?

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@ComaKeytone Hey! Sorry to hear that you are also experiencing this issue. Are you using any software such as MSI to control the fans on the GPU?

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