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excellent job on fuze's cluster charge enhancement! 🙂

the guy can only deploy his cluster charge on reinforced walls - when inside! ... 😄

I think this is fair, as - i guess - the intention was, to scare away people, when, as an example: a reinforced bomb site was taken and being hold for defuse, because from now on, if the defenders are smoking or chatting instead of rushing in, they can get a quick death if they wait it out 🙂

if fuze's new cluster charge was meant to be deployed from any side of a reinforced wall - eg: from outside -, please have a peek on his current capabilities though!

Thanks a ton and bests! LOL


ps: awesome to have 2 step logins for forums as well

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@oo_hodor_oo Hey, Hodor! Thank you for reaching out about the Cluster Charge on reinforced walls.

Could you provide a video showing this issue if possible please?

Thank you.