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For around three weeks since the new update, Australian servers have been have ongoing, intermittent issues where ping will spike 150-250 or so ping for the entire lobby. Sometimes server latency will return to a normal range in the match or after a few matches, but the problem has been ongoing. This has been making the game uncomfortable to play for everyone involved, and I have personally been avoiding ranked because I cannot trust that the servers will remain relatively consistent when playing.

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Hi there @TheFunMachine, thank you for reaching out! We have been investigating similar reports of an entire lobby experiencing 150+ ping, and I'd like to include your information with our investigation. Can you provide me with the match ID for the last time you saw this happen? Also, can you recall if anyone was kicked from the match altogether? If anyone was kicked, was it everyone or just certain people?

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Thank you for updating @TheFunMachine,

That is definitely an interesting theory your friend had. Along with any match IDs you're able to grab, could you also update me if that particular situation occurs again?

2 days ago - Ubi-oof - Direct link

@TheFunMachine Thank you for the information! I went ahead and got this documented with our report.

For both of those matches you provided, do you recall if there was any lag? Was anyone kicked from the match? If so, was it an entire team or just a couple of people?

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