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I have been trying for days to buy r6 credits to buy the battle pass but it keeps responding with this error everytime (I'm a steam user and play R6 from steam), I've already waited the 24 hours long wait when it responds with error but still when I tried to buy it again it wouldn't let me. Please help me resolve this issue I really want to buy this battle pass.

over 4 years ago - Ubiflowessence - Direct link
Thank you for reaching out! I'd recommend contacting support for help on this particular issue - https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Games/2559
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Hello @captanboss03 thank you for getting in touch.

What region is your console set to in the console's menu?

What version of the game do you have, is it digital or physical? If physical, does the region of the game match your store region on the console?

Sometimes what region settings you use can affect your ability to make a purchase for that particular game.

Are you able to access the PlayStation Store and purchase credits using their website >

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@captanboss03 Thank you for getting back to us with this information.

Please Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licences.

Let us know if this works for you please.

Thank you.

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@captanboss03 Wonderful! Happy to hear this worked for you. I hope you have a happy rest of your day. 🙂

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That's really unfortunate to hear, @lt_ali - I'll be happy to help you get some credits, though!

What happens when you try to buy them? Do you get an error message?

Can you also tell me which platform you are playing on?

Once I've got this information, I'll be better able to suggest some troubleshooting steps we can try 😎

over 1 year ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello @colgate123 thanks for reaching out to us.

We have been made aware that there is a delay for some players receiving their digital content deliveries and this may also be affecting your ability to make credit purchases at the moment too. We are hoping to resolve this for all players as soon as we can.

Please see our news banner for more information >>

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