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Basically, i can't download any games on ubisoft connect.
Had r6 uninstalled for a while, and today i decided to download it again.
Everytime i click on download, literally nothing happens. This happens to every game, not just r6.
Tried reinstalling ubisoft connect, restart my pc, run as admin, and basically every common step in the book.
Last solution is reformating the pc, but that is my last choice. So i wanted to ask in here, in case anyone had an easy fix?

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@pleasedonatepot Hey there!
I'm sorry to hear you're having issues installing your games. Can you please go through the steps here to see if any of them help?

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@yFabiooo @Wulf_Tyrsson

Hey everyone! I'm sorry to hear that both of you are having issues with downloading. In the future, please refrain from necroing old threads in the forums. With that said, I am happy to help you both.

To start, if you haven't yet, please complete the troubleshooting steps that were recommended by @Ubi-SpaceCats. After those are done, please complete all of the connectivity troubleshooting steps in this FAQ article for good measure. Those will improve connection stability and ensure that your network is communicating with the online services properly.

If you're still having issues after those steps have been completed successfully, please login to our website and open a new support case. To save time, please link to this discussion thread and include a screenshot showing your ports have been forwarded correctly.

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@jasonbourne1227 Hi there and welcome to the forums 😊

I am sorry to read that you are having problems downloading The Division 2! Is this also happening with Rainbow Six Siege?

If not, I would need to move your post to the correct forum first 🙂


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Hello everyone, thanks for letting us know you are having problems downloading games on Ubisoft Connect.

  • Try installing the game to another drive, that has enough space



  •  Update your graphics card driver, by checking your Nvidia/AMD website for recent GPU driver updates


  • Make sure your Windows OS is fully updated, with no pending updates. Updating Windows will also update any supporting software the game and launcher need to run




  • Whitelist your game's .exe launch files in your anti-virus software if using any. Please also check your built-in Windows anti-virus, by navigating to your Windows Settings (cog logo) > Virus & threat protection > Protection History (If any game files have been quarantined as a threat, this can stop the game from launching or connecting online)


  • Delete any temporary files found in the %TEMP% folder within your Windows file browser


  • Perform a System File check and Hard drive CHKDSK for any corrupted files

This support article should explain how to perform some of the steps posted above >  https://www.ubisoft.com/help?article=000061047
Please let me know if you need any help with these instructions and I will happily explain further. 

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Hi there @Jacobkocar, I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering this issue as well.

To confirm, were you able to complete all of the troubleshooting steps that were previously provided by @Ubi-Milky and @Ubi-SpaceCats?

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