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Hi everyone, as we continue to monitor this situation, we have decided to split these posts into two threads to further inform our dev team and how widely affected our player base is with this situation.

This thread will be for posting about the 'Please wait, synchronizing data' message and not receiving renown after playing in the THunt / Training Grounds mode, so please continue to post here if affected by this.

If however, you see the message 'Please wait, synchronizing data' message and you are not receiving MMR whilst playing casual/online game modes, then please post in this thread here -

This will allow us to keep the two issues separate and monitor them individually, continuing to bring them to the Siege devs attention.
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Originally Posted by CapConscious
The 'Please Wait... Synchronizing Data' error occurs across all three platforms, it's not specifically a PC issue and I've seen dozens of console reports.
This issue literally is affecting thousands of players, and even some Ubisoft employees for over a month now with no information.
There is nothing the player can do, it's issue is entirely due to Ubisoft servers, seemingly related to connection.
I understand this issue does not only affect PC players. Our general Player Support section has been locked, so future threads are created with a platform in mind. We will also be directing console players to this thread.

Originally Posted by Stinger_a1
Why were the 22 pages of reports on this issue taken down? This started in early Oct. and now we are in middle of Nov. with still no reward or stats on TG solo. And it also happens though sporadically in multiplayer as well. Has there been a fix I am not aware of?
Hey! I'm not sure what you mean by taken down, this thread still includes the original 22 pages.

There have been several similar "synchronising data" issues in-game as of late, however this specific issue has not yet received a fix.
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Hello everyone!

We have locked our Player Support section and moved this thread to the PC section, to make it easier to support our players. This thread seems to be PC players by majority.

I'm sorry to say we don't have any further updates on this issue at this time. The moment we know, we will come back to you.
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Hello everyone,

I can see we are still having new threads created on the forums regarding this issue, so I'm merging you all together.

Once again I am sorry to say we don't have any further information at this time. We will let you know the moment we do!
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Originally Posted by i94Gan
They also deleted another thread for more than 11 pages, and I have been following that link for 5 weeks.

Now it only shows
No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"

Why would you delete a post that you asked us to follow for weeks? is that because you cant fix the issue?
Ah I see where the confusion likely is.

We very rarely delete threads, and we certainly won't delete any that are active and don't breach any forum rules.

The error is likely being produced due to forum moderation. It's very common for players to create new threads rather than to add to existing threads; we need to move & merge threads to keep things as tidy as possible.
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Hey guys!

Just heads up - the following thread has been merged into this one as it's in relation to the same issue and has some insightful comments so will be best to keep it in one place.

As it stands, we do not have any updates just yet and our game team is still looking at it however as soon as we do, details will be posted here, in our official forums, so keep an eye and apologies if this has been taking longer than anticipated.
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Originally Posted by stjohn1966
i have been quite rude to ubi soft on this subject but if they are slowly fixing things i would lighten up but being as they haven't even bothered for days to reply f--k em
Hello stjohn1966, please be assured we are checking this thread as we have deliberately 'stickied' it for priority. The reason we have not updated players is because unfortunately there is nothing we can update you with, other than the situation is being looked into by the QA team and we are repeatedly bringing this issue to the Siege team and devs as one of our most important and commented on issues by players.

We can only apologise that this issue is still being investigated and assure you we are passing this message onto the team. We hope we can update you with a resolution to this issue but at the moment there is none and we share your disappointment. So please continue to post in this thread if you have been affected and any information you may think is relevant.
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Hey stjohn1966,

Do you have a video clip of this you can share with us and bring to the teams attention please? It would be most useful to us.

As well as this if you can tell us -

- Platform you are playing on?
- Region you are located in
- Exact date and time of match when you received no renown, including timezone?

This information is imperative to us, to investigate your account and other players affected.
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Hello everyone, we are now able to let you know the team are introducing this patch to the test server in hopes we can patch this in the main game after the new update is released.

Please see our post on this here on our Siege Twitter account from the 23/11/20 - https://twitter.com/Rainbow6Game/sta...40792760905730

Please try our test server on PC and let us know if you still encounter this error when playing Lonewolf Training Ground games?

Thank you all for your patience you have demonstrated so far, we hope to fix this for the New Dawn Y5S4 main game update.
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Hey stjohn1966, that's no problem, I respect you are passionate about the game so no worries there, we feel your frustration around things like this too as gamers ourselves, its disappointing to not be able to tell a player good news or the fact an issue has been ongoing for so long, but hopefully there is a light at then end of the tunnel for this issue, as always we can only pass the information on from the team that they give us.

In regards to the T-Hunt renown seemingly not been awarded visually, but it IS actually awarded on to the players account side, the QA team are aware of this too and hoping to resolve this issue also by the next update.
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Sam_Strast: Hiya! I'm super sorry about the delayed response! I could take a look at your MMR history if you'd like. Can you send me a private message?

Z3RO-ON3: Hi there! Thank you for your kindness and patience! It means so much to us!

TC19470412: Hey! Sorry to hear it happened strangely only on the 4th match. Can you let me know if you were chaining your matches? Or were you leaving the match and waiting a minute or longer before requeuing?
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Hi everyone, just checking in, thank you all for the patience you have shown while the team worked to resolve this issue of players not receiving MMR through Thunt/Training Grounds Lone Wolf matches.

We will keep this thread pinned for a little while longer while we see if anyone else is still affected, although the QA team have reported this issue is now fixed with the introduction of Neon Dawn

Going forward if anyone is unsure of their MMR history you can reach out to us at our support channels to check your account for you as we have a record of every single match you played and how much MMR you received, if you are concerned you are not receiving any MMR for your match - Ubisoft Support Website - https://support.ubisoft.com/en-gb/Cases/New

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Hello Operators, As this issue has been around for some time and we have been investigating the multiple causes for this happening, we have decided to spilt these type of posts into two threads to continue to monitor the impact on players and bring this to the Siege teams attention on how widespread this issue is for both modes. This thread is for posting about not receiving MMR points after playing an online ranked or casual match and seeing the 'Please wait, synchronising data' message.


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i played 5 matches and completed 2 challenges...but didn't get anything from all the matches and challenges...why is it so that when i finish a game i always get the ''Please Wait,Synchronizing Data'' i would have gotten enough to finally buy caveira :< any help?

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i played 5 matches and completed 2 challenges...but didn't get anything from all the matches and challenges...why is it so that when i finish a game i always get the ''Please Wait,Synchronizing Data'' i would have gotten enough to finally buy caveira :< any help?

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