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I just got banned for TK for 7 days. The problem is that My friends where trolling me. And on ubisofts website it says that i Will receive permanent ban next time. I just want to know if anyone knows how long it Takes for ban to reset.
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7 day bans are for a 5th offense.

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We can't tell you exactly how long it takes for the teamkilling bans to reset.

You'll likely be banned for 7 days again and not permanently banned. Permanent bans for team killing, hostage killing or abandoning matches are rare and only happen in extreme circumstances.
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Originally Posted by RiskyGlitcher
I was trying to play r6 when these guys on my team tk me every round till one left and then I killed the rest and I was banned for 30 mins I don’t want to get banned any more but will the ban reset because every time I get on I usually find a tking teamate will my ban keep stacking forever to where I will eventually be banned forever in a year or 2 or will it reset

I would not recommend to team kill back as you put yourself at risk of getting banned. In the future, I would report them for toxic behaviour and they will be kicked for team killing themselves.

The bans will get higher each time but do cool down after a certain length of time. You would not get a permanent ban for team killing.
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Hey jennyh17,

Sorry to hear that you received a temporary ban.

I am afraid that we are not able to lift these bans, if you have received a 7-day ban, it could be due to repeated team-kill offenses.
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Penny_Sache, my apologies for the sanction that's been placed on your account. In this article by the development team, it lists ban durations -- such as the 7-day ban you mentioned. However, after that list, it states, "Please note that this is not a strict progression of bans. Particularly egregious offenders can be permanently banned without a warning, 2, 7, or 15-day ban being applied beforehand."

Toxicity is taken very seriously in Rainbow Six Siege, but you are more than welcome to submit a ban appeal at support.ubi.com.
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Hey Vitamin-W,

Sorry to hear that!

I am afraid we cannot give you the timings for penalty resets.
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I'm sorry to hear that. Are you receiving any error messages at all when launching the game? Or are you having trouble logging into your account?
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Hey there, wolffang-. I'm afraid that we aren't able to see how long temporary bans are after they've been issued. Do you see a red banner on the main menu in-game?
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Originally Posted by SkillerBoi_weeb
I have bad internet so I have ban for bad wifi or what?
Hello! Just to clarify, were you disconnected and you were unable to reconnect to the ongoing match?

It is not possible for Rainbow Six Siege to understand whether a disconnection is intentional, as it could be used as a deliberate way to avoid a loss. For that reason, a loss and abandonment sanction will always be given.

Thank you!

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Temporary Ban in Rainbow Six: Siege
Temporary Ban in Rainbow Six: Siege