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So, I�ve made a post about this before. About three months ago. I currently sit at the diamond rank on siege on console. Anyone that is in this ranking knows the pain about having to play literally non stop mouse and keyboarders aka kids with a huge advantage over us legitimate controller players. At times it literally makes the game unplayable and not even enjoyable. I play with a stack of people on controller. I think it is quite sad how all of the big console siege streamers/probably like 80% of champions are using it/playing with people using MnK. There�s literally kids that stream and straight out say they�re using MnK and honestly I don�t blame them because Ubi doesn�t care/do anything about console siege and cheating(MnK) on console at all. It�s honestly gotten to the point where I don�t even feel like playing anymore because I�m at such a disadvantage probably 70% of the games I play. Do you guys intend to actually do anything or should I just either quit or make an account and purposely drop to like silver/gold ranking where maybe not everyone is using a mouse and keyboard? Like is it seriously that hard to do something where if you�re playing on console a mouse and keyboard won�t work? Seriously need to fix this before everyone just uses MnK and console siege dies and new players just quit coming in because it�s unfair.
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I appreciate you’re eager to know Ubisoft’s stance on console players using Keyboard and Mouse in-game. This is a complex topic involving hardware, live services, and security.

We are working to deliver a global and reliable solution for detection but do not have more info yet as investigations are ongoing.
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We do read the forums and we have passed on feedback on how the community feels about players being able to use mouse and keyboard on console. The response we have provided is all we are able to say on it at this time. Whenever we have more information on a topic like this, we'll be sure to post news about it.
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Hey everyone,

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the matter.

I fully appreciate where you're coming from and I am aware that there is a number of players who are eager to know our stance, however as Ubi-Froggard advised, this may be a response you have seen or came across, however it's still something our game team is looking into. It's a lot more of a complex topic and we will do what we can to come up with the best possible outcome.
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Thank you for the additional responses.

These all get forwarded and seen by the team investigating a solution, they are working to provide the best possible solution.