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13 Mar


Thanks for the tags, all! :)

12 Mar


Originally posted by Silentowns

I've tried to verify before (although not recently), I do not know what could possible make it happen in the first place :(. I have completely uninstalled and then reinstalled a week or two ago and its still happening.

I'm curious if it might because I have more than one copy of the game or not.

I submitted a ticket on the RL site, I am willing to go through any trouble shooting ideas that might be of any help.

I know there is so many ways that the game can recognize a controller and its input, I am not sure if that is the problem or not. For Example

The controller settings in steam->Settings->controller

Or if right click on RL in the libray in steam, and go to properties, there is a drop down box with forced on, forced off, or one other option.

Also you can go to controler configuration on the right side of RL in the steam library.

Then there is ingame->settings->use steam beta, or xbox setting

Then the normal con...

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Multiple copies of the game installed?


Hiya! This is not a known issue for us, so I would try additional troubleshooting on your end. What other steps have you tried aside from deleting save data? (Verify game files, reinstall, etc.)


Originally posted by HoraryHellfire2

Would you consider being able to change the sensitivity on smaller scales? So if my controller can have a 0.73 input in diagonals at lowest (tested using and halfway_dead's deadzone calculator), that would mean I would need a 1.369 sensitivity, but my options are only 1.3 or 1.4. I think it would be nice to have the option to place 1.37 sensitivity as I don't want any more sensitivity than necessary to reach the diagonals in full input, since the sensitivities also affect all movement.

will add for next patch


Originally posted by alkerss

Thank you for the answer! Sorry to bother you further however, I was hoping to perhaps get a little bit more information. Specifically on why it would be called Merc or mercenary. Was the comment saying that the name is inspired by the A-Team correct or was the decision more so based around the similarity of mercenary (hired killer) and vanquish (to kill) ? I ask because it's relevant to determine what the name would be categorized as. Apologies for not being more clear in the original post. Also, would it perhaps be too much to ask if it would be possible to have a means of direct contact for other similar questions, regarding the thesis? If not, it's perfectly understandable, and we will try find other means of information gathering.

Likely inspired by that show, yes. You can DM me for direct questions. :)


Merc is short for Mercenary, yes. The original code name was Vanquish (emphasis added).

11 Mar


Pretty sure our Corey Davis had that Corey Davis in fantasy football in 2017 or 2018.


Originally posted by LilChiefCatfish

My steam mean used to be “Bobby Hill” and one game I got matched with a “Hank Hill.” We went on to become good mates and played many games with each other.

Did they ever 'GOD DANGIT BOBBY' you and make it weird?

09 Mar


Originally posted by _SARPB-Name

!remindme 48 hours

See my other post, my dude.

08 Mar


Originally posted by HoraryHellfire2

Nevermind, I was confusing it with my Casual queues it seems. So I went and looked on, and noticed that no one in Season 10 has played on Neo Tokyo, Farmstead, or Starbase ARC for any normal Competitive playlist. However, as soon as I switch it to Season 9, you can see immediately in the first page that there is Starbase ARC, Farmstead, and Neo Tokyo.

/u/dirkened, any idea why?

This is an issue that we are aware of. Sorry about the confusion!


Originally posted by Size--

Yesterday, I had the game crash twice in a row in the same circumstances: I was customising my car while queuing for a competitive doubles match, and the game crashed while joining. Same CE-34878-0 error both times.

Thanks for the continued information. Our team is currently looking into and working on a fix for this crashing problem, however, we do not have an ETA. For now, I believe we have enough info, so don't worry about sending any extra information my way.


Originally posted by jimmycarr1

Thanks for the video. The team is aware of this issue and working on it, however, we do not have an ETA for a fix.

07 Mar


Originally posted by Temper-

/u/psyonix_devin I know people there are having a lot of work with the new update, but if you just consider this in the future, we would be very thankful. :)



Originally posted by Psyonix_Devin

Hi all, I'm investigating this now, will chime in when I have more to share, thank you!

05 Mar


Originally posted by cringleballs

  • Workshop maps work on initial spawn but if you reset the ball you get stuck. This is only an issue on maps that were broken by the friends update( dribble challange 2 and obstacle course 2 confirmed broken on ball reset).

    here's a screenshot of what it looks like

  • PC

  • I can provide logs and a video if needed but if you load up the map and hit the reset button you'll see what i mean.

Thanks for the report. It appears this is only affecting Dribbling Challenge 2, so far, but we'll investigate further.

02 Mar


Originally posted by HoraryHellfire2

/u/Psyonix_Devin or /u/Psyonix_Corey

What sensitivity value is optimal to be able to reach 100% input the diagonals for controllers. I know there isn't a one-all be-all answer, since one controller may only reach 75% input in the diagonal, and another one can reach 80% input. So maybe we can have an estimate of what our sensitivity should be if a controller can reach only 75% input in the corners.

If the stick is perfect, then holding a perfect diagonal would give X and Y values of about 0.707 each. These values are multiplied by Sensitivity. So our math would be:

0.707 * Sensitivity = 1.0

Sensitivity = 1.0 / 0.707

Sensitivity = 1.41 (theoretically)

28 Feb


Originally posted by DukyWuky

It would be mainly custom training, sometimes I would even sit there idle and the game would eventually crash. But mainly when joining matches.

Actually, do you happen to remember which Custom Training pack you were playing and which playlist(s) you are trying to queue into? And if so, could you provide the code and playlist(s)?

Thanks again!


Originally posted by Size--

Yes, PS4 (my system is a Pro, if that makes a difference). My party leader was getting this error message:

Thanks. Can you confirm which kind of training you were in, and if it was custom, can you provide the custom training code?

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