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EZ. She still needs some work to be done on her. Nothing that you've seen is final, exception being the model. Needs animation cleanup, audio, VFX. The ability and passive need to be pass/fail'd and then finalized, her loadout(weapons, gadgets perks) need to have their proper role/individual identity pass as well(what she has currently was just a basic plugin of perks, not representative for her being a support).

The leak is unfortunate as it steals thunder and also sets the wrong expectations(especially when said gameplay content is incomplete).

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15 Mar


Thanks for bringing this up! I'll pass along to QA so we can track/fix this issue


Originally posted by BanThisUFools

Yeah, but the problem there is, you’re making sense. According to the sycophants here, Jared is new so he is beyond criticism and must be defended no matter what. So we have to just STFU and wait, because him diving head first into useless SMG stats and ignoring the biggest complaint of the past 2 years isn’t a problem for half this sub. He had more concern about fixing replenish that nobody had an issue with than he had for matchmaking, so that should tell anybody that we’re f**ked and this game is doomed. But half this sub is “OMG, Jared is communicating! Nobody say anything bad about anything because JaReD iS cOmMuNiCaTiNg.”

I’m just excited for a month long break after finishing this broken Event Pass that hasn’t given me a supply drop, and I doubt I’m coming back, since Jared has zero clue and no interest in fixing the matchmaking. In his words, hes not equipped to answer matchmaking questions, and it’s not going to happen for a bit. So… the game is f**ked and doomed f...

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Howdy, I wanted to respond to this because I'd like to address what I believe are potentially misconceptions.

  1. SMGs needed to be changed. He's still making additional adjustments but they were never meant to be where they were. We know not everyone agrees with this, but it's one of many directions we felt we needed to go and part of a larger balance approach.
  2. Matchmaking is frequently simplified and actually a quite complex system. Understanding ELO and MMR is just the surface of how a full matchmaking system works and most of our current team (this system is years old) has not really dug into the backend. If we had a magic bullet "fix" that would make everyone happy we would have implemented that immediately.
  3. This isn't a misconception just more a response around the Event Pass, if someone still doesn't have Supply Drops (you should because they were re-enabled on Sunday) then please reach out to our Support team and we're happy to dig into your ...
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Originally posted by Rad91D

Go search for the mods of this forum and search their comments. I’m not doing that I just know I saw it from an post about how useless the system was

With respect that is a completely inaccurate statement if it exists. No one from the Support team would have stated that because we use those daily to action players.


Originally posted by Tenebrae42

I see. I love my S12 Tacticool, so my personal bias has me apprehensive on shotgun changes. Curious to see where each weapon class is heading overall.

And yeah, that's basically what I was thinking; in everything but actual function, it is a slug shot.

lmao a like-minded friend who also calls it the "tacticool" XD I also personally love shotguns and I know a good number of players do too. They are always a tricky thing to manage in shooters so I'm going to do my best in regards


Originally posted by Tenebrae42

Is that to say, shotguns as a weapon class?

On this note, I was wondering if something like a slug shotgun could be possible? The SKL sorta bring the headhunter shotgun might be a solid base for it, even.

When we introduced S/T our designers at the time did up the damage on some weapons(like the SKL6) to make sure certain things were retained. Like the 1-tap headshot at 110 for example. Post removal I'm reviewing weapons and making sure their TTKs aren't entirely skewed when you factor in the falloffs as a whole. The SKL6 will still have a 1tap head, so I'm thinking of bring that back down to 100 and seeing were the falloffs affect it.

That's definitely something that I've considered. Honestly with out tight the pellet grouping is for the SKL6, it may as well be a slug shotgun. It being a headhunter shotgun is appealing and it's already sitting there at it's ranges.


I definitely want to put KOTH back in it, addressing a bug with it.

In the future I absolutely do want to add more options to it so players can have their fun customizing their games. Adds a lot to the longevity


Originally posted by Luircin

not really, shotguns should win close range engagements

as they should!


Originally posted by epbishop

Please don’t take this clip as the game as a whole, they are sprinting into the barrel of the gun, they should die

This one clip definitely doesn't paint the whole picture, I was being a bit cheeky about it tbh :)


Originally posted by Tenebrae42

This clip, as others pointed out, is more a skill issue than anything else. Enemies charging straight in, one after another, barely acknowledging the person they just saw die in front of them as they familiarize their face with the barrel.

yep, I get that, it is performing within it's range for sure. I'm more looking at it from a "post S/T removal standpoint" tbh

14 Mar

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