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i'm still new to Division 2. But I noticed that Division 2 tend to crash/freeze more like other games I have played. I've red a lot to the topic crashes and freezes.

So, what I noticed after I bought this game were freezes and crashes (first freeze, than windowed mode and crash), without any error reports. Not able to play 5 minutes. I tried some changes, even to DX 11 - worked for two days. Then again freeze/crash windowed mode, no error reports. Closing only via Task Manager.

Deeper look, noticed that the Anti Cheat Software is spamming my system reports all 5 minutes. Started game with suggestion as Admin and verifying game files. See there, worked and with Admin I have only one or even no system report from the Anti Cheat Software.

Worked for 2 days. Started Game as Admin, but now I got freeze, wasn't able to get into the Task Manager. After few moments the game crashes with error report for the Divsion 2.exe. (Only when in Admin Mode, without Admin Mode I got the freeze/crash without any crash report).

I noticed that the freeze/crash happened when I had an System Update (Windows) before. Even Updates for Apps at Microsoft Store causes Division 2 to crash.

I played last days first without verifying games files after System Updates and Division 2.exe (in Admin Mode) freezed/crashed after max. 5 minutes.

Played now with Admin Mode and verifying games files after every System Update ( doesn't matter important Update or Microsoft Store App Update ) and had no crashes/freezes since then.

First I thought my PC is the faulty part....or is it just an imagination from my side? Because, I don't no the connection that even after App Update Divsion 2 tend to freeze/crash. Has someone else similar experience or I'm alone with that? Or I'm wrong to think that Windows Updates causes Divison 2 to freeze/crash.

In short what I did to play without freezes/crashes (until now)

  1. Start Ubisoft Connect as Admin
  2. Verifying game files before I start (after every Windows Update/App Update)
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Hello there, @RCViper047! Thank you for reaching out about the crashing and freezing you have noticed particularly after a Windows update. Thank you also for the detailed information you have provided about the steps you have tried to resolve this. Just to confirm, I saw that you mentioned that after your most recent update verifying your game files and running the game as administrator helped resolve these crashes and freezes for you? Is this correct?

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@rcviper047 Thank you so much for that information! I am not currently seeing any known issues in regards to Windows updates with the Division 2. However, this is all very interesting! If the crashing occurs again, please update this thread letting me know.

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@of-2 Hi there.

Thank you for jumping in here to let us know that you've been seeing this issue with crashes.

Could you please try following the steps given in our article for PC troubleshooting here. I'm sure you may have already tried some of these steps, but if you could run through everything provided and let us know if the crashing/freezing remains, it would be much appreciated.

Let us know if you have any more questions.