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I'm playing in the Summit at the moment. The specific issue that I'm having is that when the AI deploys riot foam on me, my framerate drops incredibly low (less than 10fps). I am a returning player and I'm not sure if this was previously an issue. I can accept failing a floor when it's my error but when it happens because of a performance issue as unique as this I don't find it fair.

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Hello everyone, thanks for reporting these two issues to us that seem to be affecting your frame rate.

To help us report this to The Division team, are you able to capture a short video showing this in motion?

If you can enable the Ubisoft Connect FPS counter in-game, via the Connect settings, this will help illustrate what exact FPS speed you are getting when this happens.

If you are using a Windows 10/11 PC, you should be able to record a clip using the free Xbox Gamebar overlay, using the Windows and G key, then selecting the capture/record option. You can then upload this to a website such as Youtube/Imgur/Twitter and post the URL link to view.

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Hey @battlebrotheruk ,

Thanks for getting back to us with this, I'm sorry for our delayed response!

I'm afraid the Vimeo link doesn't appear to be working - would you be able to check the video's permissions and repost it?

Thank you!

about 1 year ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Hey @Ninro_

Thanks for linking that other thread and I'm sorry to hear you've also had experiences of this. As it's the same issue, I'll merge your thread with that one, and if you can provide a video of either, or both of these issues (sticky grenades and riot foam), that would be great, as we may need to report them as 2 separate issues.

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Hey again @Ninro_,

No rush on getting us the video, just wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to grab some footage 😊

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Hey there @Ninro_ sorry about my delay in responding here!

Did you have any luck with changing your hardware acceleration settings with regards to your performance issues?

Also if you have the video in question saved as a VOD you can post a link to it with some relevant time stamps and I can check it out that way!

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@Ninro_ Understood, thank you for the update !

For the purpose of our investigation, can you let us know what type of GPU/CPU and how much RAM your PC has ?

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@Ninro_ Thanks for the details !

If you check the steps of our dedicated PC troubleshooting guide, which includes steps such as checking the game files for anything missing/corrupted, or the GPU driver, does the Issue still happen ?

about 1 year ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Thank you for confirming everything for us @Ninro_

When we run into issues people are having with Discord streaming or general Discord use alongside performance issues with the game, this will hopefully serve as a useful workaround!

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