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Latest Patch Notes[COMPLETED] ⚙️Maintenance - November 26th, 2019 (15 days ago)


DZ Special Ammo glitch - again?

about 9 hours ago - /u/ChrisGansler on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Aztekpb

Good morning. Yesterday (08Dec2019) I noticed that when entering the DZ (occupied, DZ East)... my super ammo (grenade launcher) also entered with me (it was a fast travel from ODZ to DZ). I am on xbox.

Thanks for letting us know!

Cannot rename loadouts.

about 11 hours ago - /u/Ubi-Lucipus on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thank you everyone for reporting this, the team is aware of this issue and it' is being looked into.

This Week in The Division 2 - December 5th, 2019

about 17 hours ago - /u/Ubi-Johan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by gerash4enko

Will snowballs be available forever in this gun or just during the event?

It is not event specific, the gun will always fire snowballs.

06 Dec

Originally posted by believeINCHRIS

It feels like the entire game might be over and you have to start from scratch again but hopefully they have check points or something. Dying and starting over from scratch sounds awful after a hour or two of playing.

No checkpoints in Hardcore Mode.

This is very much an optional mode for the people that want to take on the challenge of clearing the entire game without dying.

Originally posted by polomarkopolo

I asked before but never got an answer:

In hardcore mode, what does "death" mean? Is it after being downed and the revive timer expires, or is it just being downed?

I'll get clarification to know for sure, but it should only count as a "death" if you are dead (not downed).

Originally posted by plemtoq

And I see that Apparel Caches can be gifted; does that mean for newly gained caches or the ones that I already have ?

It's a store feature, you can gift Apparel Cache keys to friends.

Originally posted by plemtoq

Is there 72 grey apparel items in total counting all the shoes shirt hats an all ?

72 apparel items in total that can be collected from the open world.

All types are included in that number.

It is certainly a possibility to add a 5th HC slot. We have brought this feedback to the team for discussion.

Originally posted by Mascarp0n3

This named weapon shoots snowballs

Really not into the aesthetics of this.

That's fair. It's just a fun gun for the holidays. Personally, i'd love to shoot snowballs into the faces of Black Tusks.

Originally posted by Sayakai

Fixed an issue that caused Apparel items to stop dropping in the world before players had collected all 72 items.

... wasn't that in there since launch? Like, should everyone start seeing drops again after the 10th?

Yeah that has been in there since launch. We finally managed to find the culprit and fix it.

Most of you should start seeing apparel drops again.

05 Dec

Originally posted by SyntaxTurtle

Feels like an awful decision to shut people out like that, especially when you're offering rewards for participating. You certainly don't need all four slots filled to be a fan but it's a safe guess that only fans of the game have taken the time to fill the four slots with WT5 characters. "Rewarding" them for their time and effort by telling them they have to either delete one or miss out feels like a weird decision.

Totally agreed. It's one reason we are releasing this in Beta, to sort out some of the kinks together with you. Character slots not being available is clearly something a bunch of players will need to have sorted out to even play. We'll look into what we can do short-term.

Originally posted by JeanRouxRT

I find it a little worrisome that your dev teams thought Kenly was fun or even had any repeatability to it. It's starting to look like you guys don't know where to take this and you're just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. Hopefully its not too long for the new raid

We also thought the raid was fun and it seems like you agreed. :) I understand that there are some things players don't like and some things we thought that would be fun. Doesn't mean we should stop trying to do new things. Hardcore Mode didn't take us long to make, we think it'll be interesting for a part of our community and we can easily add to it if it's popular.

Other things will come, we're working on the second raid, we're working on Episode 3 and more to come. When you like things we do share it, if you don't continue to share. Thanks again!

Originally posted by JeanRouxRT

Time and effort wasted by your small team. And we all know how well your internal testing goes. Did you think kenly college was fun too? I heard this is leftover ideas from Div1 where you wanted to even lock people out for 12 / 24 hours. LMAO.

Yes, there are people who had lots of fun with Kenly College. Doesn't mean it's something everybody will agree on and we heard your feedback on Expeditions. That will not stop us trying out new things and the first test will always be internal.

Thanks for taking the time to express yourself!

Originally posted by thatrpgmakerfreak

Chris hope you don't mind if I hijack this thread for a bit, also have a couple questions from the SOTG:

1- Will we be able to wear the Yolo Hat in our normal characters?

2- In the case of the Negotiator's Dilemma Set, what is the fuse timer on the grenade? Also, was the cooldown, damage and or radius touched?

Personally, I think depending on the fuse timer, radius should be increased and Cooldown should also be increased. Damage is fine as it is.

Any official comments on that are appreciated.

The hat will be available for all characters, from what I know. I'm getting it confirmed. edit Yes, it's shared on all characters.

We talked about the ND change a couple of weeks ago, here's what's going live with TU6.1:

  • Blowback (Adjustment)
  • Updated the behavior of the launched grenade:
    • The grenade no longer explodes immediately on contact with its target.
    • The grenade now has a fuse timer of 2 seconds from launch before it explodes.
    • The UI warning players of an approaching grenade now appears immediately on launch of the grenade.
    • If the fuse timer has not expired on landing, the grenade will not explode until the fuse timer runs out.

The Sleigher is a named weapon. TU6.1 is arriving on Tuesday, December 10th. We're currently looking to start the maintenance at the usual 9:30 AM CET.

Originally posted by AlphaRomeo18

Oh so you guys are aware of this wall? Good to know. Thanks!

Yes! It's currently scheduled to be fixed with TU6.1 next week Tuesday.

Originally posted by Shut_the_FA_Cup

It's hard to say. On one hand, being able to access the dz immediately reduces the frustration of someone that has to do several mission plus the recon mission to then be killed by a camper as soon as they enter the dz. On the other hand, i don't think a lot of players will venture in the dz right from the start,so it makes no difference. For example, I would like to go in the dz as close to the threshold as possible (30 or when reaching wt5).

I didn't watch the SOTG, so sorry if it was said, but do you plan on having leaderboards for the hardcore mode?

Leader boards are interesting for sure and if players want them we don't see a reason not to include them.

Originally posted by SyntaxTurtle

This requires an empty character slot in the main game? Or does it have its own server or Test server, etc?

It's going to be on the live game and you'll need a slot on your account there, yes.

Originally posted by mikkroniks

Change the recalibration model so we don't have to keep all the trash just for the single attribute to put on a decent piece. Without that trash in the stash we'd have a tonne of free space. It is high time you realize how bad the current recalibration system is for the game and that's besides wasting a tonne of space. It has all the wrong incentives for players because it promotes a conservative approach to build improvements.

Say you find a nice 10% weapon damage roll on the backpack. Do you put it on a current backpack that's decent but due to insane RNG on the backpacks still quite a distance from ideal backpack? Since nice weapon damage rolls are rare what are you going to put on a better backpack when you might find it if you use it on a current one? The same roll from the current backpack? That destroys the current backpack that wasn't ideal but still nice and which fitted a different build than the better backpack you just found. So to avoid having to destroy a nice...

Read more

Recalibration is something the team is currently investigating and seeing what we can do better. There are a bunch of suggestions players have made we really like and we're testing what can be made viable. It's a longer process as it will probably mean we need to change the system quite significantly. Improving the inventory is definitely one of the things that Recalibration can help with.

Originally posted by Reguah

For those of us with 4 characters already, what if the 5th character slot is dedicated for hardcore characters only? That would at least solve the hoarding abuse of an extra character slot that you mentioned.

Yep, that's a possible solution but I don't know right now if it's something that is easy to setup. The character creation wasn't planned with Hardcore Mode in mind, so we also have to learn some things internally. We totally hear the feedback about character slots though!

Originally posted by cfox0835

What could have possibly made you guys decide that adding a permadeath mode to this game was necessary or even wanted by even the smallest fraction of the playerbase? Genuinely curious, because I see this community giving you guys a TON of extremely relevant and useful feedback as to what we would like to see in this game, and not once, at any point in the past 9 months this game has been out, have I seen a single person even so much as mention or hint at the idea of permadeath being a thing in Division 2.

How do you explain the disconnect between the community and the development team in terms of responding to our feedback/adding content to the game that players actually want to see?

And dont even get me started on the whole fact that the only incentive to even make a hardcore character is some crappy hat. I love the game and appreciate the work you guys have put into it thus far (for the most part), but I mean, come on... seriously Chris?

We think it's fun and that's why we made it. Player feedback is awesome and we want to incorporate some of it when we plan ahead, always. But that doesn't mean we need to stop doing something we think is fun.

This was done on the side by a small team, we tested it internally and we enjoyed it lots. We're releasing it early in a Beta mode so players can tell us what we can do better and we can develop it with player feedback.

And lastly, as I pointed out in another comment, while we see players comment a lot about Survival and Underground, the numbers of players who regularly participated in those modes were not that high.

So moving forward we'd love to incorporate some of the things people love about other modes (maybe even other games) and then create something that is fun, exciting and rewarding that hopefully not only scratches that itch for these modes but also makes players actually want to play them. Appreciate the feedback.

Originally posted by elusive_cat

Any chance for adding additional slot for Hardcore mode? I don't want to delete any of my character after I spent so long levelling them up.

I mentioned it somewhere else, it's totally something we can look into. What we want to avoid is to add additional character slots that then are only used as more mules. We'd rather fix the inventory "game" as well, so you don't feel the need to have 4 characters will full inventories.

Originally posted by HerpDerpenberg

I think games like Diablo, PoE, Torchlight, Grim Dawn etc all have hardcore mode and there are plenty of glitch/bug deaths. It's a way that you'll build your character to survive those moments.

Are hardcore in a separate instance to the standard players? Or do they share the same world?

If not, they should be. It would be nice to create games and matchmake (even if it's less players overall) that are doing hardcore. Would REALLY make the DZ a high risk zone to go in as well, but would suck to have a softcore player that has nothing to lose kill you.

Some games have PvP modes (like conflict in TD2) where hardcore players can PvP with no death consequence. But keep something like DZ perma death. Would almost be an insane level of hardcore.

Then having leaderboards for stuff on hardcore performance would be nice. Longest character life (in combat would be the best metric for this as you could ask in BoO), most extractions, most rogue kills, etc.

... Read more

Hardcore players have their own sandbox to play in and won't match with normal characters. Thanks for all the feedback on what you like and what other games do well. It's always appreciated and helps inspire us!

Originally posted by dynagaz1

Did you actually think that this mode is what your dwindling player base wanted or ever asked for? Actually give us some decent content or survival/underground that we keep asking for. Your killing off the player base with this garbage. 🙄

As we said on State of the Game, this is something we did on the side, played it internally and had a lot of fun with it. This is not meant to be a mode that will scratch the itch for everybody.

While Survival and Underground are mentioned a lot, we also have the data from the first game that shows us that those modes had a very dedicated player base but it wasn't huge. So just copy / pasting these modes (and this is extremely simplified and doesn't reflect at all how much work this would be) might not even be the answer to some of the requests.

As Yannick and Drew pointed out, we want will add some more content to the game that draws some inspiration from what other modes made popular.

04 Dec

Originally posted by Shut_the_FA_Cup

I presume no option for conflict for the hardcore character? What about dz?

Correct, Conflict is not accessible for Hardcore Mode characters. You can venture in the DZ once you have them unlocked for now. I say for now because I already saw somebody suggesting that you can immediately go in and maybe that's something people would enjoy?

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