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10 Sep


We hope that everyone had a great summer break and a lot of fun on the tracks
We are back with a new update including new features and various bug fixes:

Before everything, an update on the trophies. We will now open the best ranks (World/Gold) and also award the Track of the day trophies retroactively in the upcoming days now that the rankings are cleaned.


+ Various netcode improvements
+ Fixed multiple personal best ghosts bug
+ We now display a timer before the upcoming Season "Fall 2020"
+ Added a new page to manage maps submitted to the map review server
+ Added a possibility to select and apply a skin through the "Garage"
+ Added multiple country skins and a default skin for other countries


+ Improv... Read more

09 Sep

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06 Sep


We can showcase events that you want to organize in EVENTS in Trackmania. For the moment it's only Ubisoft Nadeo who can create the news and later it will be possible for organizers to submit a news for having their event highlighted in game.

For creating your news, we need to have the following information:

  • The competition logo in 256*256
  • The name of the competition
  • The description
  • The names and dates of every step if needed be
  • The club linked to the competition

Here is an example of news:

You are welcome to reply this thread or to send us (Ubi-MrDrPink or me) a private message for having your event news in game!

Happy Gaming!

05 Sep