08 Mar


Hi @lasgunenjoyer, we’ll look out for this!

If this happens again, could you please provide us with a video if possible, and your console log from the session?

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07 Mar


Thanks @Swagzu!

The developer has told me that they are investigating, and that your tests have helped in being able to spot an issue. They passed on thanks once again as the video was really helpful and have told me that they are on it.

Apologies that there isn’t an immediate solution - but I’ll be in touch as soon as I have any updates from the development team.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


Thank you, especially for the video! The developer has asked if you are currently able to type and chat with others in the hub?

Also, do you have anything interesting around your networking? Any programs running, or specific router setup (e.g. Openwrt), Pi-holes etc. Essentially, anything different apart from a vanilla router and PC setup?


Received some feedback regarding this from one of our Gameplay Developers. It’s working as intended, but the description could be made clearer for this one.

“Working as intended, but the description is a bit hard to read.
A more verbose and IMO clearer description would be “Staggering a target adds X stacks of ‘+Y% damage per stack while staggered’ to the target. A maximum of Z stacks can be applied to a single target, and all stacks are cleared after W seconds.” I.e. any attack that staggers the target will add a stack and the stacks lives for X time, but the damage bonus is only available when the enemy that has one or more stacks is actually staggered.”

06 Mar


Hm okay! Thank you. The developer has asked if you can possibly test another scenario please :slight_smile:

"It would be great if they could take a video but thats not a requirement. It’s really baffling that they say its the pants, so I want to try and see if they can experience it at any other time.

  1. Log into game.
  2. Idle in the hub for 5 minutes.
  3. Change your headgear.
  4. Idle in the hub for a minute
  5. Try changing your upper body cosmetic.
  6. Again idle for a bit, maybe a minute or two.
  7. Try changing your pants."

@Swagzu, thanks for that! The developer has asked if you are currently using any Mods?


We’ll take a look - if anyone could provide a video of this occurring it would be helpful to watch and listen to, thanks!

03 Mar


Hi @Dumbldor,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I was tracking down a developer who had some insight to running the game with 3 screens :slight_smile:

This is the information they have given:

This is for NVIDIA cards, have no idea of how it works on AMD or Intel.

Setting up a virtual monitor with NVIDIA Surround

  1. Use surround mode spanning all three of the screens (set up in the control panel)
    This enables you to play on full screen
  2. If you want to play in windowed mode, you can manually set desired resolution in \%AppData%\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\user_settings.confi...
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Haha, no worries! Your Veteran pants have been swapped out again so we can see what happens with a different cosmetic equipped. Let me know how it goes :grin:

02 Mar


Thanks @Swagzu, the log unfortunately doesn’t give us anything concrete just yet. However, the developer investigating has also asked if you can do the same thing again, but also try performing any other actions (this is just to see if anything else may trigger a timeout and for comparisons in the log)

The developer has also manually switched your Veteran pants out, so we can see what happens when you try again now.


No worries! Thanks :slight_smile:

One of our developers has taken a look at both the log and your account in the backend.

In the log they confirmed you lost connection to the server and experienced a timeout. Though they were unable to find any issues or errors related specifically to the Veteran trousers.

In the backend they were able to switch the trousers out without any errors produced.

They’ve asked if you can please try the following:

  1. Join the Mourningstar hub
  2. Wait for at least 2 minutes (if the timeout is not related to switching pants, then it should likely happen during this time)
  3. Try changing your Veteran pants after 2 minutes
  4. Please provide the console log if a crash/disconnection happens

If you experience a disconnection during the 2 minutes without ch...

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01 Mar


Hi @Grave,

When you extract a blessing, are you trying to re-bless a weapon of the same pattern with the blessing?


@Swagzu, this log appears to be quite old from 4th December. Could you please reproduce the issue and provide a new recent log?



Ahh, no it can’t. Blessings extracted from a weapon can only be re-blessed to a weapon of the same pattern.

28 Feb


Hi @MaxPowers,

Were you trying to apply the Confident Strike blessing to another weapon belonging to the same pattern?


Hi @Swagzu,

We can certainly look into these pesky pants! What is the name of the cosmetic causing this issue for you? or is it happening with all Veteran lower body cosmetics?

Could you also please provide us with a crash report or a console log from a session that this occurred?

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This crash is on our radar and we’re working on a fix. Apologies for the inconvenience.



Unfortantely not, Vermintide 2 is a PS4-only game, and PS5 is treated as a PS4 Pro aswell as unlocking stable 60fps. Sadly, we are stuck with the same amount of RAM.

My understanding of where we’re at with this currently, is that it will continuously be being worked on and improved, and that over time our Console Developers will optimise and hopefully find enough memory to solve this issue.

27 Feb


Much appreciated - thanks @Dripping!