20 Mar

Hi All, just wanted to follow up. The team is aware of the bug here and is working on getting it fixed. We'll update once we have a timeframe for the fix.

17 Mar

Hi All, just wanted to note that the team is aware of this issue with block and working on a fix. Once we have more information, we will update everyone.

This is the official discussion thread for, "ESO's Developers Share Their Love Of Morrowind's Style, People, and Beasties"

"The ESO development and community teams return in the second of two videos to talk about Morrowind’s charmingly bizarre inhabitants."

For Part One, you can view that video here.

16 Mar

@React Thanks for noting this. We just checked in with the team, they are aware of this bug and investigating a fix. Once we have more info on this, we'll update.

15 Mar


[*] Voltaic Current no longer functions differently for players with a second weapon bar unlocked, and are in Werewolf form or have the Oakensoul item equipped.

This is the official discussion thread for, "Bring The Shadow Over Morrowind To Your Desktop Or Device With These Wallpapers"

"We’re celebrating the beginning of the Shadow Over Morrowind adventure by sharing new Scribes of Fate and Necrom wallpapers."

14 Mar

Hi Everyone. We wanted to follow up on the conversation around gender-locked cosmetics. We currently do not gender-lock any new items and have not for the last few years. After hearing your feedback, we made that intentional change. We do have past items prior to the change that are gender-locked. The Dragonfly Wing Lashes are one of them.

We will also pass on your feedback regarding possibly getting older items like the Dragonfly Wing Lashes reviewed to be applied to any character, regardless of gender. Thanks for your feedback here regarding the Dragonfly Wing Lashes.
Thanks @Olibeau. We have the other bugs mentioned under review through reports from yesterday. We'll investigate the points as well. Appreciate the screenshots and details to assist our teams.
Hi All! You've asked your House Telvanni questions. Now we have answers! Check out the latest Loremaster's Archive linked here for your answers, provided by Divayth Fyr!

This is the official discussion thread for, "Loremaster's Archive- House Telvanni"

"Gain greater insight into the mysterious and powerful House Telvanni with an all-new Loremaster’s Archive from the great sorcerer Divayth Fyr himself!"

*Trying something new by posting this in general for the first 24hrs and then moving to the Lore Section.
Hi All, thanks for info here. We send this to the team for investigation. If there is any additional information you think is important to note, please let us know.

13 Mar

Hi all. We are still working on an investigation for the freezing/crashing at login issue. If you are still experiencing freezing/crashing at login, after trying to update drivers and reinstall, we would like you to place a ticket in with customer service and provide a copy of your DxDiag. In order to provide your DxDiag, please follow the steps in this article.

This will give our teams more information to work with when trying to narrow down this issue. Thanks and we appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation.

This is the official discussion thread for, "Scribes of Fate & Update 37 Now Live On PC/Mac"

"Begin your Shadow Over Morrowind adventure with the Scribes of Fate dungeon DLC and Update 37 base-game patch."
Hi all, we are aware and continuing to investigate this. There are some differences between the platforms that makes our investigation a little more complex. Thank you for your patience.

10 Mar

With the launch of Update 37, we are adjusting when certain daily and weekly timers reset so they align to the same time as the Daily Login Reward (more on this in the PTS patch notes). This will have a minor impact on Endeavors on the day of launch - March 13 for PC/Mac and March 28 for Xbox and PlayStation.

Below is a summary of the impact:

If you are already in progress with the prior day's (March 12 for PC/Mac and March 27 for consoles) Endeavors before the launch day reset (March 13 for PC/Mac and March 28 for consoles) and you do not log into the game until after the Update 37 maintenance is complete, you will lose progress for those March 12 or March 27 Endeavors.

If you start or complete one of the March 13 (PC/Mac) or March 28 (consoles) daily endeavors before the server goes offline for launch maintenance, you should still have those Endeavors in progress or completed when the server comes back online with Update 37.

Thank you!

09 Mar

Hi @h3dsh0tza. Thanks for sending this our way. Both bugs highlighted have been identified and will be fixed for U37.

08 Mar


This is the official discussion thread for, "Scribes of Fate Preview- Scrivener's Hall"

"Reclaim a powerful Daedric artifact and save the Scribes of Mora from a dangerous usurper in Scrivener’s Hall."

07 Mar


This is the official discussion thread for, "5 Must-See Morrowind Marvels"

"Get excited to visit the Telvanni Peninsula this June by checking out these five incredible Morrowind marvels right now!"

06 Mar

This is the official discussion thread for, "Watch ESO's Developers Recall Their First Steps Into Morrowind"

"ESO’s development and community teams discuss their earliest memories and impressions of Vvardenfell in the first of our two Return to Morrowind videos."


03 Mar

Hi all, seems like we are close to a solution here. Players should be able to see the forum now without an account. We are working to make sure this fix is stable, but we should be in the clear shortly.

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