07 Feb


Can a dev please explain the harmony/boneyard nerfs in relation to necro pvp? Is there plans to buff necros or fix up several skills in their skill lines?

As noted in another post, Harmony was being used in ways outside the intended goals of rewarding group play. Additionally, dev has seen Necromancers used as a "bomb" class and this is outside of the intended scope of play. It contributes to creating an unhealthy play environment.

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There have been 4 or 5 "Necro needs help" feedback posts the past patch cycle alone, each one talking about different areas the class was hurting. Harmony graverobber was Necro's only real use in PvP anymore, and with it gone, Necromancer feels aimless right now.

The developer team often states they want each class to have a certain "feel", flavor, or gameplay fantasy they perform well, so I urge you to consider the question "What does a Necro play like?" with these upcoming changes.

Are they a DoT class? Well, they have 10% DoT damage and 15% DoT reduction, but they aren't really a DoT class - they only have 2 class DoTs, both AOE.

Are they a burst class? Well, blastbones is a strong burst ability, but that's only when it wants to be. Taking out Graverobber doesn't really leave necro with anything that would fit this role.

Well surely they hav...

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Backlash and morphs are seriously underperforming in PvP right now. Templar's burst ability should be hitting for more than 2-5k damage against players. Please look at the several threads talking about how weak Templar is currently and address the issue properly for week three of PTS, or look at the several comments on this thread. Nerf beam too, please.

Nightblade is still overperforming due to the unique 10% damage buff attached to concealed weapon.

Sorc changes don't address the issues with the class in PvP.

Hi all, we had a chat with the dev team about this and wanted to follow up. We've seen your feedback regarding Templar and Sorcerer feeling like they are underperforming compared to the other classes. We would like to get some clarity from you all defining what specifically you mean by "underperforming." Specific details and examples would be helpful. This will g... Read more

Artwork highlight by Kaalgrontiid on Twitter.

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06 Feb

Thanks for noting this for us. We are aware something is going on with sticky threads and we're investigating.

02 Feb

No ETA on NA PSN/Xbox server hardware refresh yet. But we will update once we get more concrete information to share with everyone.


I see no date for NA PSN/XBox server. Is there an ETA for the NA PSN/XBox servers?

01 Feb

Hi all, just wanted to follow up here since we've followed up in a few other threads about class change tokens. Currently, we do not have any plans on implementing class changes tokens. There are a number of technical challenges with implementing them, and it would take a significant amount of time to solve these challenges efficiently and safely.

We know this isn't the desired feedback, but wanted to make sure we made our current stance clear on this.

31 Jan


This is the official discussion thread for, "Crown Store Showcase- February 2023"

"Discover a host of fantastical and outlandish treasures coming to the in-game Crown Store in February 2023!"

30 Jan

Hi all, here is the update on Whitestrake's and some of the hardware refresh information. We hope this provides some context as to why Whitestrake's has moved. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/626586/status-on-hardware-refresh-whitestrake-s-mayhem-event-january-2023

27 Jan

Hi All, just wanted to update here. Gina shared on ESO live that we will have more information on Monday on Whitestrake's. So please keep an eye out for that. Just wanted to keep you up to date.
Calling all of Tamriel's Interior Designers! With Hearts Day on the horizon, we're making a call out to the housing community to show us your take on Heart's Day themed home. Do you have a special room for Hearts Day dinner? Or maybe you're a hopeless romantic who's transformed your whole home into the ultimate love den? If you've got love in your heart and home, we want to see your creations! We'll be highlighting some in a blog post on Hearts Day as well.

To participate, simply take some screenshots of your Hearts Day home, and submit it in this thread with your character name and a brief description of your home. For blog consideration, please have your entry in by Feb.7 at 10am ET. Thanks and we're looking forward to seeing your creations!

26 Jan

@React We did have a shift in the schedule for Whitestrake's Mayhem. We can confirm the event graphic that was shown during yesterday's Global Reveal is accurate and the most up-to-date. We'll have more information about all this very soon, but in the meantime, please know there will still be a Whitestrake's Mayhem event scheduled in the future.

This is the official discussion thread for, "ESO Live: January 27 @ 4pm EST/ 9pm GMT- Scribes Of Fate DLC & Update 37 First Look"

"Get an in-depth look at the upcoming dungeon DLC as well as some of the new features arriving in the next base-game update!"

25 Jan

Just wanted to confirm here, there will be 2 additional slots with the introduction of the Arcanist, totaling 20 character slots.

Will we get more character slots? You know, for those of us already attached to 18 characters?

Yes! We are getting two new slots taking the total to 20!

The Developer_Direct starts now on the Xbox Twitch channel (Twitch.tv/xbox) and Bethesda Channel (Twitch.tv/Bethesda)! Immediately following this is our Global Reveal on the Bethesda Twitch Channel (... Read more

This is the official discussion thread for, "2023 Global Reveal- Necrom's Telvanni Pennisula & Apocrypha Zones"

"Discover the two new zones just announced as part of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Chapter!"

This is the official discussion thread for, "ESO Necrom Editions & Pre-Order Rewards"

"Learn about The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom’s various editions and pre-purchase rewards."

This is the official discussion thread for, "2023 Global Reveal- Introducing The Shadows Over Morrowind Adventure"

"Get ready for a brand-new Elder Scrolls adventure as part of the Shadow Over Morrowind storyline, announced during the 2023 Global Reveal!"
Hi All! We want to give just a few housekeeping reminders before the Global Reveal.

First, if you are looking for Global Reveal viewing info, please check out one of our latest articles here. There you'll find all of your need to know info for the reveal and Developer_Direct. We will also have global recap streams for various territories. The list for those streams is available here.

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