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This is the official discussion thread for, "Celebrate ESO With Us In Las Vegas During The 2023 ESO Community Event"

"Meet ESO’s developers, watch special panels, and celebrate the game with us and your fellow players at a new community event—coming in April 2023!"

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This is the official discussion thread for, "Scribes Of Fate Preview- Bal Sunnar"

"Battle your way through time as you and your allies investigate a temporal anomaly in Bal Sunnar, one of the two new dungeons arriving with the Scribes of Fate DLC!"

28 Feb


This is the official discussion thread for, "Crown Store Showcase- March 2023"

"An enticing collection of frivolous and fearsome treasures arrives in the in-game Crown Store this month. Check out everything coming here!"

23 Feb


This is the official discussion thread for, "The ESO Stream Team Returns To Morrowind For Three Weekends Of Fun"

"Tune in to special livestreams from the ESO Stream Team over the next three weekends as part of our ongoing Return to Morrowind celebration."

22 Feb

So we're going to start off by saying that we'll pass this feedback on to the combat team. Appreciate you posting your detailed feedback here.

Currently, we are keeping a close eye on new sets like Snake in the Stars and will continue to tune over time. We need more player interactions to see how the set will be used and in what situations. Then the team will adjust as needed. So please keep up with feedback.

This is the official discussion thread for, "Update 37 Preview- Screen Narration, Hide Shoulders, & More"

"Learn about some of the new features everybody who plays ESO can enjoy with the Update 37 base-game patch."

21 Feb

Sorry all! Not sure what is happening with Vanilla links today. That's the second time it's happened where it subs the forum link for the article link. It should be fixed now.

This is the official discussion thread for, "Dark Elves, Giant Mushrooms, and Cliff Racers- Get Ready To Return To Morrowind"

"We’re sharing our fondest Morrowind memories as we prepare to explore the Telvanni Peninsula in The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom!"
Thanks everyone. We are continuing to investigate, but your updates have helped in narrowing down what’s going on.

20 Feb

Hi All, along with confirming if you have the Error 103 happening, could you let me know what your in-game account name is? The team is investigating and having access to the account name is helpful for testing.
Also wanted to add one additional note on destro staff. We are aware that many of the Passives for weapon lines aren’t as finely tuned as they could be to ensure each weapon stands up in their proper environments numerically. We’ll be investigating those more in the long term to bring them in line to ensure they are able to hold their own in the right play scenarios.
Currently, we are keeping a close eye on new sets like Mara's Balm and will continue to tune over time. We need more data for seeing how the sets will be used and in what situations. Then the team will adjust as needed. So please keep up with feedback.

I definitely care about werewolves and feel a consistent approach should be carried out for this buff @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_Kevin can we please look into updating the Hircine's Rage ability Major Berserk morph to remove the 5% penalty since Wrecking Blow and the DK chains are being updated in a similar direction? 🙂

We want to follow up here on the request for the removal of the debuff on Hircine’s Rage, given the DK now has access to Major Berserk. We want to note now there are no plans to change this currently. One thing to keep in mind with skills like these are there has to be some sort of balance. The Major Berserk from Chains of Devastation now lasts for 4sec and the DK has to manage resources to make effective use of the skill. Also remember that Major Berserk is being added to incentivize usage of a traditionally underutilized skill. Hircine’s Rage gives Werewolves access to Major Berserk... Read more

@ZOS_Kevin, hey if your team could look into Sun Shield’s size being increased based off of highest stamina or magicka alternatively from health, as an either/or like Conjured Ward, that would be an incredible change to the utility of the skill, currently the ability is useless in PvP outside of being massively outnumbered.

Max resource scaling regardless of the resource would be great, weapon damage scaling would be even better… though it might be a long shot.

Edit; Also, adding a Stamina morph to Toppling Charge would be a godsend. Thanks.

Wanted to touch on this feedback on Sun Shield after chatting with the Combat Team. The current iteration of Sun Shield helps to keep the skill inline with the class identity of the Templar. Sorcerers get more unique functionality with Conjured Ward as this skill also fits in line with its class identity.

Also r... Read more
Lastly, in chatting with the combat team, we want to hit on the overall commentary around class performance. We’ll always continue to keep an eye on varying areas of class performance. By using data and player feedback from across all mediums of communication, we’ll make targeted adjustments to outliers to improve classes and the overall health of gameplay. We’re not making any promises today for when these adjustments could happen, however we’re always monitoring and evaluating when these changes can be safely made.
In addition to taking feedback to the team about Sorc, we also took your feedback to the team regarding the state of Templars. We want to follow up on how the team uses feedback to inform combat and balance changes.

The combat team is always looking at data from various points of play (PvE, PvP, low-end to high-end damage parse, group content and solo play, etc.) and collective feedback across the board to make informed balanced adjustments. Many of the previous adjustments to Templar were directly made off of those points.

While there are no planned changes for Templar in U37, outside of anything already highlighted in patch notes, we're evaluating everchanging data and will continue to adjust around issues when they arise. Your continued feedback will be apart of that process.
Hi all, we took your feedback to the combat team regarding the state of Sorcerer. We have a few comments to share.

We know survivability has been a concern with Sorcerer, given the feedback received and some of the data. We increased Sorcerer survivability this update by giving a sizable buff to shields. We'll continue evaluating and investigating as we go live as well.

We've also seen feedback regarding Pet vs non-Pet builds. Specifically, wanting more options for non-Pet builds. While there will be no changes to this in U37, we want to acknowledge this sentiment and the team is monitoring this. We want to make sure when thinking about this and reviewing feedback, we are keeping class presentation for Pet Sorcerer in mind while also allowing for class diversity for those who want to play non-Pet Sorcerer.

Regarding Sorcerers and their lack of unique buff/debuffs, this is intentional and there are no current plans to change this. Sorcerers do h... Read more

I was hoping this would be the patch that destruction staves would get some much needed buffs to be on par with stamina weapons.

1. Raise base spell damage of inferno and shock staves to that of a greatsword (1571 weapon damage).
2. Change the penetrating magic passive to be all elemental abilities ignore 10% of the enemy's Spell Resistance.

Just wanted to follow up on this in general. In chatting with the dev team, we wanted to make sure we highlighted some of the general feedback regarding the general view of Destro Staff. Part of the advantage of running a weapon like destro staff is having access to ranged attacks. Range attacks allow players more time to react and to assess an encounter, so to balance they do less damage than their close combat counterpart.

With that being said, the team will continue to keep an eye on anything seen as a disparit... Read more

17 Feb

Hi All, just wanted to share a brief update on the 2023 ESO Community Event. Please see the tweet posted below.


16 Feb

Hi All. The team discovered a situation in which owners of the Aurora Firepot Spider could open Bags of Jubilee Yesteryear that were empty, or contained only grave soil. The team is aware of this issue and is investigating a solution.

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