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16 Apr


Originally posted by Escolyte

is it intended to be this tiny and if so can we get a visual fx update that reflects the tiny hitbox?

I'm really not sure :(

I know it's not bugged


Originally posted by maxi7cs

• Region: NA

• Type of Bug: Voice Chat

• Description: If you join a friend's party while they are in a game and you are not, you can mic spam them and they can't mute you, they have to go into their settings and disable party chat

• Reproduction rate: 10/10

• Steps to reproduce: Join a party of people in-game when you aren't and talk or press your party push-to-talk button

• System Specs: Doesn't matter

You can mute them via the social panel (the friends lift that attaches to the right side of the screen). Just right click the user and you can adjust their volume.

The party leader can also just kick the player from the same right click context menu in the social panel to save everyone from their trolling too!

15 Apr


Originally posted by Aniv1a

Okay great! I’m just worried because I do live in a rural area and I understand as a business my area will NEVER be a priority. I appreciate the response. Also, am I okay using a vpn? I don’t want to get flagged for account sharing or something since I’m always switching IP’s it’s just either this or I just play at a massive disadvantage

As far as I know there's nothing wrong with using a VPN.


Originally posted by thebutinator

Exactly, nades in cs are for killing tagged enemies, molos are for driving enemies out of bad positions, if nades onehit you could just throw them at push points etc which raze does, with extreme success

The difference here is that molotovs also can stall - one of the things we wanted to have is something that flushes, but doesn't have the same stall potential.


Originally posted by PMF_Glitch

after playing for two days, I can say that if her abilities are meant to flush people out, maybe decrease the range in the baby nades. Right now, there are many areas of maps that can be completely cut off, or deny entire access of the area with one nade. Right now her ability that is meant to flush people out, can be used to get up to 3 kills if a team is going into a site with a chokehold, she can use it to get super early map control, ect, ect. And there is nothing wrong with either of these things. However what’s wrong is that there is nothing the attackers can do about it. They have to either run away, or die. And even if they run, the range is big enough and they explored fast enough you still take like 70 damage.

This is one of our considerations is popping the range in a bit!


Originally posted by DangerousIntern

Can you provide even striped versions of those audits and third party names that did them?

One reason we haven't done something like this is that we paid those firms for their expertise and not their reputations.

When we engaged them we didn't think we'd ever mention them or the services they provided us. These kinds of reviews are a routine part of releasing a new product and not at all something we were expecting to talk about.

Since there's been a lot of interest (and concern) over the security of Vanguard I thought it'd be reassuring to mention the reviews to show that we understand the risks and have a process that includes responsible steps for improving the security of our products. Maybe it was a mistake to mention them at all? I don't know.


Originally posted by AssassinLordOmega

Please do somewthing with the anticheat, as it runs all day long on my pc causing frame drops etc

If you're willing to help us investigate, I've got some troubleshooting steps that you can run through with me. Hit me up in a dm if you'd like to help!


Originally posted by Aniv1a

Have you guys looked into high ping for certain geological areas yet? I live in upstate NY and can’t play unless I use a VPN. I contacted riot support they told me to contact my isp. My isp said it’s on riots end. I can play league with 30 ping just fine but get 90 on Valorant. With a vpn I can get down to 20 even. Hoping this will be fixed before the release of ranked. I can send more info if anyone from riot needs it.

We're actively working on getting more server pops up, but, as you can imagine, it's a bit slower than usual due to the global pandemic. Hopefully we'll get you sorted out soon. We do have data that shows us where players are having worse-than-expected ping, and we're actively working to improve it!


Originally posted by Catminos

There's still the issue where UI icons double, like showing 2 knives, 2 pistols and 2 guns on the right side on alt tab... I think I also had it appear when changing the resolution while in game.

We've got a ticket tracking this issue, thanks!


Originally posted by turk-fx

What about the Cyper camera bug? I got killed multiple times. Fun fact, when a sheriff on Cyper camera, it has no recoil neither.

This was fixed today


Originally posted by Mattzcool1

I get rather frequent crashes but due to there being no crash screen I can't figure out why or if a crash report is being sent, is there a way to check?

Crash reports are automatically collected - no need to push any buttons!


Originally posted by PACHNAR

Is the bug with floating weapons known to you? I've seen it a few times already.

Yes! This one is particularly confusing. We're working on a fix.


Originally posted by spyke-it

Could you also take a look at insane upload rate on high FPS that many users have reported? People with potato internet are having major problems playing the game without lag spikes and capping FPS is just a bandaid

We are working on a fix for this


Originally posted by brettatron1

We’re working on a fix for this. Fun fact - it is really, really hard to time this correctly in testing.

​I chuckled reading this.

“When I press SHIFT or CTRL, my game suddenly quits, but only if I have this specific printer” - FIXED

Special shoutout to /u/Minnifutzi for finding and identifying the root incompatibility causing this issue. We pushed out a fix for this last week.

This is an hilarious bug. How you not gonna divulge what printer it was and why a freaking printer would cause this?

I answered above with some more details. I didn't put the specific printer because I don't want to call them out (I also don't know if this possibly affected other printers too)


Originally posted by chopsttv

Thank you for your work and transparency within the community! Its very refreshing having devs who are so open and i'm glad to hear it's more than likely going to stay that way.

Thanks! We try to be as open about our progress (and struggles) as we can. Most often when we aren't responding it's just because we're busy, exhausted, or just didn't see a particular issue or comment.

We're all humans too! Also as a bonus right now, we're all working in our living rooms/kitchen/bathrooms, so it's a bit harder than normal...


Originally posted by Minnifutzi

Thank you u/Koalifier for your shoutout 😊 makes me happy

When I read your comment my reaction was a mixture of happiness that you found it, and utter confusion that this could cause the issue


Thanks for introducing me to android52


Originally posted by Wokesmeed420

I found a bug where if u refund the reaver set with unlocked operator chroma and then rebuy the reaver set but this time not unlocking the lvl 5 chroma skin, I can still pick and play with that skin becuz I had it selected already before refunding

Thanks for the report! This is something we're looking into!


Originally posted by Wokesmeed420

I found a bug where if u refund the reaver set with unlocked operator chroma and then rebuy the reaver set but this time not unlocking the lvl 5 chroma skin, I can still pick and play with that skin becuz I had it selected already before refunding

Looking into it, thanks!


Originally posted by ray29x

could you please really reconsider the 24/7 on startup part of the AC?
it's been negatively impacting other games i play, and having to restart my pc just for a game makes me not want to play it.
also if you wanna be safer when it comes to competitive play why not request to connect a phone number for it like you guys did with league's Clash?

Would you be willing to work with me to troubleshoot? There's some logs you could send me that might help us get to the bottom of your issues. If so please send me a DM.