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22 Jul


I wouldn’t call that an article, more of a blog post that reeks of self advertising. You can taste the salt through the screen, even though he tries his hardest to appear neutral while taking things out of context. Notice how he constantly has to say that there’s technically nothing wrong with “insert thing he’s complaining about”. Or point out that he doesn’t have any issues with X, while still trying to highlight it as an issue? I love how he goes on to argue with SneakyPanda in the comments. :joy:


Welcome back, Revy. It’s been a while. :slight_smile: I hope you’re well.

I just want to chip in a little, but I won’t go in to it too much.

I don’t know of any developer who doesn’t have a crew of players they work with at a closer level than the wider community. It’s pretty normal to have focus groups during the production of any product - be it a game or a new flavour of soup (or anything in between).

I’m not saying we got the comms balance during the WoM Beta right, far form it, but as many noted, it was the most communicative beta we have had to date, and we will continue to work to improve further on the communication pathways in future tests.

21 Jul


We have no information to share on console WoM at this time.


Could you elaborate on your issue please? Platform, etc.?

19 Jul


Is this a consistent issue for you @STAAR, or an unlucky one-off?


I’ve already been all over with the army, not to places of my choosing. But Jamaica was really nice, at least the tourist area where we had time off. I guess if I had one place to pick, probably Japan so I can go full weeb. I don’t like the heat though, so it would have to be in winter.


Space smells of steak. It’s my nirvana.


It’s Friday already? Waduhek?!

Since you’re limiting it to the real world, I think it’s gotta be Iceland for me (else I’d opt for the Moon, or the ISS. Somewhere in space, maaan).


  • aurora borealis
  • epic landscapes
    • volcanoes
    • caves
    • waterfalls
    • mountains
    • trails
    • lakes
    • glaciers
    • springs
    • etc
  • beers

I really want to explore the quieter parts of Scotland. There’s something magical about the place. I’d like to do the North Coast 500

which is a a driven scenic route around the north coast, covering 516 miles!

Where in the (real) world do you want to visit next? :world_map:

18 Jul

17 Jul


This is a mod-related issue, but I can’t be sure which mod in particular is responsible. If this becomes a consistent issue for you, you may have to perform a process of elimination with your mods to determine which is the culprit.

16 Jul


No crash results are displayed when I look up the GUID unfortunately, could you please copy and paste another in here?


I’ve responded to your query via the Support Portal - my response may be in your ‘Spam’ inbox. We’ll continue the conversation there, locking post.


We have seen this before, it’s a tricky one for us to reproduce. We’re still looking in to the cause. Do you have a DXDiag you can share with us if you’re willing to help us find the trend?