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04 Feb

Originally posted by Obdilord

No public lobbies?

Yes to public lobbies!

01 Feb

Wishlist Wargroove: Double Trouble on Steam for a cheeky notification as soon as it drops: http://bit.ly/DoubleTroubleSteam

Happy Anniversary from Nuru!

/u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing <3

Wowee, we can't believe it's been a whole year since Wargroove first launched!
To mark the occasion we commissioned this awesome mini comic from ex-Wargroove Artist (Necotho on Twitter) and shared some of our favourite fan art a few silly development stories on the blog:


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24 Jan

Aw cute boy Caesar! Thanks for including us in your GOTY list :)

Originally posted by ObliviousCyclone

I wish the deluxe addition came with extra in-game content, also how much more expensive is it because I’m wondering if I should get it digitally for switch (20% off sale) or deluxe, but I already have it on pc.

Our big, new free expansion (Wargroove: Double Trouble) is coming very soon - Feb 6th! So you'll be able to update the Deluxe Edition to include this when it launches.

If we'd had waited to launch the Deluxe Edition alongside the DLC it would have caused a big delay for those waiting for the physical version and not much benefit since the download size is relatively small & content is free anyway! :)

11 Nov

Originally posted by Spitted

Was waiting for the physical version. Thank you!!

Hope you enjoy it! :D

05 Nov

Originally posted by urfriendjason

Great news. Have been waiting for a physical release myself. Definitely picking this one up. Thanks.

Thanks for the support!

30 Oct

29 Oct

Haha this is great! Look at that Fluffalo go~

23 Oct

UPDATE: This comes out on October 29th (next week!!) and you can pre-order from most good online & instore retailers (Amazon, GameStop, GAME, ...

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Originally posted by theanonymousplague

Just pre-ordered it today for the switch. Even though I already own the game on Steam, it is nice to hold a physical one in your hands.

Thanks for the support! :D

Originally posted by spore_777_mexen

It has been a painful wait for me. I remember the AMA and CF said physical was being considered so I didn't buy digital. And now we're not just getting a physical copy but a DE. I am thrilled.

Glad it's been worth the wait! Not long to go now until 29th!

Originally posted by bittercask

i'm considering grabbing it for the ps4. is there any multiplayer games? or is it dead like so many ps4 indie games? not talking about organizing via discord, but just turn on the game and find a lobby or instant game.

In the new Wargroove: Double Trouble (free) update we're adding Public & Private lobbies so should be much easier to jump into a game, and you'll also be able to play through custom campaigns online. ...

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15 Oct

14 Oct

Originally posted by CosmicSlothM1

This sounds wonderful!

YOU'RE wonderful.

Originally posted by 7TzF9Z

When does this DLC launch? I keep seeing articles about it but none of them ever have any dates.

No date just yet - we're in final testing phase at the moment. We'll reveal one (and a swanky new trailer) as soon as we're ready!

Originally posted by ChubbyShark

Can Scorching Fire insta-kill commanders? It's a very powerful groove but it's also extremely volatile.

Also, it seems that Scorching Fire doesn't "activate" until the twins' next turn, giving your opponent time to get out of its range.

Yes if you place Scorching Fire on a unit you always have the chance to get out of the way before the fire consumes you :) Unless you trap them somehow that is...!

Originally posted by TheShow2283

So, still no solid release date yet for the upcoming DLC?

We're in the final testing stages before submission, as soon as everything is looking good we'll announce a date. We don't want to confirm until we're 100% sure!

12 Oct

07 Oct

04 Oct

Hammer Time | Wargroove

/u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TrexismTrent

Does this mean he can one shot other commanders on water maps? Or will he not be able to toss commanders?

No, Wulfar can't use his Groove on Commanders.

23 Aug

Originally posted by jmelt17

Well damn, I bought digital on launch to support the Devs but I cant justify buying it physical too

We super appreciate it! :)