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It's a minor thing, but Reda is voiceless after the last update - it used to be the case only in Ireland and Francia, now he's mute in Ravensthorpe as well. I can get his contracts and look at the store but I guess I grew used to him being talkative during the whole game (lol).

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Hey all,

Thanks for the reports of this and for the video @HIDDEN1NE. I'll report this to the game team now so they can look into this.

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Hey all,

The development team have advised us that they have been able to reproduce this issue on TU 1.4.0 and they're currently looking into it. Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention, and for providing additional information and resources!

@rctx81 - Thank you for sharing this insight with @thegardener25

@pesto - You've mentioned that the audio is "broken" beyond Reda, and includes his surrounding area; are you able to provide a video showing this, please? Regarding the rest of your post, I'd suggest creating a new thread in the General Discussion section to suggest adding additional voice lines for Reda, as this is feedback that is best posted in a dedicated thread of its own. The community can then chip in to share their thoughts on this as well. Thanks!

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