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Cant even enter ravensthorp now since this osk. Festival update.
worked before, but warping to the docks instead of center/longhouse, sound stutter, disappears, freezes, crash to homescreen.

fix your Shi.. seriously.

This is ridiculous after a year of release.

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Hey @Troopercooper80 & @live_force, sorry to hear you've both encountered these sound, freezing, and crashing issues. I completely understand the frustration these have caused. Do you all receive any error messages with these crashes?

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@lance_bubo Hi there.

Thanks for sharing your report with the team. We appreciate the additional details included here.

We'd like to forward on your game save as part of a report to the team. Could you let us know if your most recent save is available on the cloud?

You can check this by:
• Creating a manual save before ending your session.
Wait a minute or two after the save animation has finished.
• Open the Main menu and choose Quit to Title Screen.
• Choose Load Game
• Check if the save you just created has a cloud icon next to the play time.