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I’ve installed the 2 dlc’s and already played the wrath of the druids. But now I have no access to it anymore. I’ve installed the dlc’s again and the issue is not solved.

13 days ago - ubi-smash - Direct link

@newera_joyce Hey there! To help remedy this issue, please ensure that you are logged into the PSN profile where the content is purchased from. If logged into the correct PSN account and you have also exhausted all Troubleshooting Steps to ensure the DLC is registered with Assassin's Creed Valhalla, please Submit a Support Ticket with us here so we can take a closer look into this with you.

9 days ago - Ubi-Nacho - Direct link

@newera_joyce Hey there.

Thanks for coming back to the forums to let us know this fixed the issue!
If there's anything else we can do, please get in touch.

Enjoy the DLC!