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I found a piece I already own from Reda’s weekly selection. It’s the Huldufolk Gnome. But here shows I am able to buy it:


22 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

Hi @dominantboy I can confirm that this issue has been reported previously.

This can occur with various items, however it is only a display issue and you would be unable to purchase the item again, if you attempted to do this you would encounter an online service error. After the error is presented it is likely that the item will refresh in Reda's shop and appear as owned.

The development team struggled to reproduce this issue and we have not received many reports. It's possible it's related to the connectivity, as I understand you have received various online service error's as reported in other threads.

22 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@dominantboy of course 🙂

21 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@dominantboy ok thanks for the update, I'll pass your feedback on to the development team.

14 days ago - Ubi-MrM - Direct link

@dominantboy You're welcome !

Don't hesitate to reach out again if you'd like to report Issues, or if you have any questions !

7 days ago - Ubi-Auron - Direct link

Hey @dominantboy ! We don't encourage any modding of the game, as it might introduce further issues to the game.

We have forwarded your request, please look out for updates on the forums, thanks!