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Assassins creed valhalla Long bow bug/glitch bow wont stop drawing and cant be put away keeps popping in and out most often than not and cant be put away and wont stay hidden or put away keeps doing its own thing everytime you try to put back in the bow on back it just keeps going into zoom aim mode and keeps not being able to be put away also do's the same thing on any mount keeps going into zoom mode.

and aim without me even having to touch the L2 on the ps4 controller it just go's into zoom mode for snipe and stays there even when your on a mount its bugged AF needs fixing as before the aiming everything else was fine up until the introduction of all this festival and river raid crap now the games gone to cobblers and it either crashes again.

or theres something alwaus else wrong with it up until a couple of months ago the last say 3 updates back the game played before you started coming out with all this river raid/festival crap its buggered up the game before all this it was fine and min played at least ok ya buggered it up you made the thing so frikkin fix it because you got alot of fans pretty [censored] at You.

and your products right now so if id be you fix it and Fast before the rest of the gaming community abandons anymore of your products dont let this be yet another ghost recon breakpoint where you buggered up that gaming series too Fix AC or of the fans besides myself it be on your own head the game was ok.

till you started buggering with all this festival Bullcrap at least the game was playable Before all this crap.

Fix this glitcvhed out piece of horsecrap Now do it today we the fans are not asking.

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Hello @treakle1066 ,

Thank you for getting in touch and reporting this.

An issue where during combat an arrow or the small axe getting stuck in Eivor's hand has already been raised, so this may be related to that somewhat with another combat item getting stuck.

Could you please provide some screenshots or a clip demonstrating this behaviour and confirm you have a recent save uploaded to the cloud?

We can then pass these onto the team for investigation.

Thank you!