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I thought I'd seen this before but wasn't sure but earlier today it was definite. I heard Eivor say, "Aha!" or whatever as she does when an avenge quest is indicated. No avenge quest showed up, though. The video shows me going to the map to look for the marker (none), then I see the body with the non-quest, click it, hold burger to track it, but nothing showed up in the quest log.

Again, not right but please leave this until significant problems are addressed.

9 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

Hi @spirantcrayon22 thanks for reporting this. From what I can see the avenge quest was accepted but it did not appear in your quest log. I also noticed that the players name did not appear when the quest was accepted like it usually does, therefore I do not think all of the data loaded as intended and it could possibly be related to a connectivity issue.

Could you please go through the connectivity troubleshooting and if you experience this issue again record another video and let us know, then we will report it to the development team.