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I’ve been a completionist with all my Assassins creed games (Chk Records), but there seems to be a lot of bugs in Norway region, I’m personally stuck up with The Plight of Warlock mission, wherein the warlock is dead and the mission is stuck in a glitch and I can’t loot him or find the hunter, the mission doesn’t reboot after I travel to other places and come back, I’m 150 hrs plus in the game and definitely don’t wanna start over, also I know the Norway missions have been quiet glitchy and there haven’t been a resolution to this, can someone help me out with a legit thing or can your DEV Team look into this on high priority and fix up Norway, for a solution, you can give an option to us to reboot the mysteries of particular region or a particular mission, or just patch it up so we can finish the mysteries and attain 100 percent completion, I’m attaching the pics of mission and location, PLS HELP GUYS,..!! Else an Assassin from a long time would be disappointed, very disappointed,.,! Thx in advance 🙏 hope you guys at Ubi understand what’s it like to be an Assassin,..!!

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@psychicshiva Hello and thank you for your patience during these times. I am sorry that you have not been able to complete this Quest! Do you think you could post the images here, or provide a video from your gameplay? For a video, just post it to YouTube as unlisted and then provide the link here.

Also, just to make sure we try all of the steps, can you complete our guide here as well?

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Hello @bubba-keys ,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We request clips or images both to view the issue and confirm there's no other cause as well as visually confirm the issue.

These clips and images are also very beneficial when we pass player's reports onto the game's development team for further investigation. As there's no guarantee they will encounter the same bug, examples and evidence of it help them to re-produce and address the issue.

As we're yet to receive any images or clips, if you could please provide some and confirm you have a current save uploaded to the cloud, we will be more than happy to pass this onto the team to be addressed.

Thank you!

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