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I’m playing the quest Reeve of Wincestre.
After I found Goodwin i try to pick up the document in the house but I can’t.
Can you help me fix this bug?

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Nacho - Direct link

@anonymousss32 Hi there!

Thank you for sharing these details, sorry to hear you've not been able to pick up this document.

Could you confirm that your game is on the most recent update 1.3.2? If this is not the case, could you please update the game, and let us know if the issue persists?
Just to be sure, could you also confirm that the document you're unable to collect is the clue placed just in front of the fireplace?

Thank you!

12 days ago - Ubi-Oxavo - Direct link

Hello @anonymousss32 and thanks for getting back to us.

Thanks for clarifying those details for us. I would kindly ask you to perform the basic troubleshooting steps provided in this FAQ. If the issue persists, please record the short video, upload it on any video hosting of your choice and send us the link. 

Feel free to get back in touch if you need us.

9 days ago - Ubi-Oxavo - Direct link

Hello @redveghead and @anonymousss32,
Could you both confirm that you are unable to rescue Goodwin in the quest The Reeve of Wincestre as the locked door won't open after the barricade has been destroyed?
If the issue is different, please record the video and send us the link so we can investigate.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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