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Fishing from a small boat the fish disappears, which may be a game mechanic but when this happens my player character continues as if still reeling in and glitches to where I have no control over the character.

Only solution is to fast travel.

Xbox one (Original)
AC Valhalla digital

8 months ago - ubi-smash - Direct link

@guest-PGnFOuTH @CaybJ @moriatii Hey there! Our team has been investigating this problem with fishing and they are looking to implement a fix for this in a later patch. In the meantime, please stay tuned here for further updates, and thanks for bearing with us as we resolve this.

8 months ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@caraamon Apologies for the late response. I have looked into this issue and this was supposed to be fixed on the current update 1.2.1. As you are still experiencing this could you please provide a video to show that you still experience this on small boats and the long ship and I will forward it on to the development team to investigate further.

@SneekyWeasel As I mentioned above, this issue should have been fixed in the latest update. If you have the latest update installed could you also provide a video to show that you are still experiencing this so we can investigate the issue further.

I understand that you are frustrated, however we are here to provide you with support and do not appreciate abusive comments, so please keep your comments civil. We posted a developers blog back in April explaining the process for fixing bugs. Please have a read of this as it may give you a better understanding on how bugs are reported and fixed.